Ply Gem Steel Siding Collection Review

Ply Gem Steel Siding

Ply Gem is a part of Cornerstone Building Brands, a leader in the exterior building products industry. The company, headquartered in Cary, NC, offers a wide range of siding options, including metal. When building your metal home, Ply Gem offers a variety of styles, including siding that looks like traditional vinyl or wood.

What is Ply Gem Metal Siding?

Ply Gem’s steel siding is strong, durable and built to last a lifetime. In fact, their steel is so strong that it’s been approved for use with 6-story buildings.

The company’s high-grade galvanized siding is made from up to 50% recyclable materials and is 100% recyclable. In addition, their siding comes in a wide range of colors, so you can create the look you want and match other structures on your property.

In addition to siding, Ply Gem also offers matching accents and accessories, including:

  • Fascia
  • Soffit
  • Corner posts
  • Trim

What Makes Ply Gem Siding Great

ply gem siding
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Ply Gem’s siding is built with care and precision.

Their metal siding is:

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Able to withstand winds of up to 235 mph and extreme temperature changes
  • Beautifully designed, with a textured look that mimics painted wood
  • Easy to maintain (no need to paint), so you spend more time enjoying your home
  • Recyclable and sustainable
  • Easy to install, with secure fastening

To create that “wood-like” appearance, Ply Gem uses a thermal bonding process and a silicon-modified coating that recreates the texture and grain of natural wood.

The metal siding from Ply Gem features a 5-layer “armored defense.” In addition, their multi-layer siding features a low-gloss finish that protects against pests and rust while offering moisture and mildew resistance.

Here’s a breakdown of the Armored Defense layers:

  • Water-resistant backing that repels mildew and moisture
  • Steel core that adds to the strength and durability of the siding
  • Galvanized coating to protect against rust
  • Pre-treatment layer to ensure the siding stays put
  • Corrosion-inhibiting primer that slows the oxidation process

The multi-layered approach allows for superior color retention and weather resistance.

All of the siding options from Ply Gem are backed by a limited lifetime prorated warranty that includes:

  • 35-year for chalk and fade
  • 50-year for hail

Fire, Pest and Impact Resistance

Metal siding offers many advantages, including fire, pest and impact resistance. The siding from Ply Gem has a Class A/Class 1 fire rating and meets stringent building codes.

With metal, you don’t have to worry about damage from pests or birds either.

Because metal does not absorb water, it won’t rot, crumble or delaminate because of the elements.

Home Design Visualizer

Ply Gem’s Home Design Visualizer tool lets you try out different designs and colors to see which one best matches your vision for your home. You can upload your own photo to start designing or use a sample home to preview their color and style options.

You can view the before/after to see how much of a difference your siding will make in your home’s curb appeal. A variety of palettes are available, but you can also customize the colors to your liking.

The company’s visualizer tool makes it easy to bring your design ideas to life and to ensure there are no surprises with your project. If you need a little more hands on visuals for choosing the right color, try out Samplize peel and stick paint samples.

Ply Gem Exterior Siding Options

Ply Gem has three main metal siding options available to meet the needs of any construction project, including:

steel lap siding

Steel Lap Siding

Steel Lap Siding is the leading choice of siding for homeowners. When you want beautiful, horizontal lines, this siding works best. Ply Gem Metal offers numerous widths to fit every home:

  • Double 4″
  • Double 5″
  • Double 5″ Dutch Lap
  • Single 8″

Multiple color options are available for each size, including standard and premium options. The following colors are available, but please note that sizes may not be available for all colors. You can choose from the following color options:

  • Standard: Almond, cameo, charcoal gray, dark bronze, desert sand, Jefferson tan, pebblestone clay, terra bronze, white and wicker.
  • Premium: Brandy wood, deep granite, mahogany, musket brown, natural slate, Newport Bay, quiet willow, red brick and rugged canyon.

When choosing Steel Lap siding, you can be confident that the material is thick and durable enough to be approved for a six-story building. In addition, the siding is built to withstand wind gusts of up to 235 mph, and seamless options are available to fit the look of your home.

The detailed textures and deep shadow lines look beautiful on any home, and all of the materials are recyclable.

Steel Lap siding uses 28-gauge G60 hot-dipped galvanized steel to add to the strength and durability of the siding.

seamless steel siding

Seamless Steel Siding

Ply Gem’s seamless steel siding is made from 100% galvanized steel that’s heavy-duty. In addition, this siding option offers extended lengths and seamless coils to create a sleek look.

The seamless option is custom-fitted to your home, allowing for a continuous barrier. In most cases, siding comes in lengths of 12 feet, which leaves unsightly seams. With Ply Gem’s seamless option, the siding will fit the length and width of your home, so you don’t have to worry about seams.

The seamless option is made with 28-gauge, rugged G60 hot-dipped steel. There are 14 standard color options and 9 premium color options available, including:

  • Standard: Almond, cameo, charcoal gray, classic cream, dark bronze, desert sand, Jefferson tan, musket brown, royal brown, sandstone, pebblestone clay, terra bronze, white and wicker.
  • Premium: Brandy wood, deep granite, mahogany, natural slate, Newport Bay, quiet willow, red brick, stone clay and rugged canyon.

Seamless siding options provide a natural, seamless look for construction where fine lines or a rustic look isn’t desired.

steel board batten siding

Steel Board & Batten Siding

Ply Gem’s Steel Board & Batten is a siding option that offers a rustic look and feel to a building’s siding. The material is long-lasting and durable, with a high-performance coating that mimics the look and feel of wood.

The panels boast Ply Gem’s 28-gauge, G60 hot-dipped, galvanized steel to ensure that your home or building can withstand high winds and severe weather conditions.

The Board and Batten style comes in both standard and premium color options:

  • Standard: Almond, cameo, charcoal gray, dark bronze, desert sand, Jefferson tan, pebblestone clay, terra bronze, white and wicker.
  • Premium: Brandy wood, deep granite, mahogany, musket brown, natural slate, Newport Bay, quiet willow, red brick and rugged canyon.

Ply Gem’s metal siding offers natural-looking, steel siding options that are missing in the steel building industry. In addition, the siding options are made with sustainable, recyclable materials, so they’re an eco-friendly option, too.

Ply Gem Gives Back to the Community

Ply Gem is also part of the Home for Good project and has been a member since 2016. As a result, the company has donated more than $2 million in products in the United States, leading to 500+ homes being built in 90 communities.

The project’s goal is to help fix the housing crisis that is causing many would-be homeowners to stay in rentals.

By supporting the company, you’re helping support local communities, too.

How to Buy Ply Gem Siding

Ply Gem has an extensive network of building professionals that can help with your siding project. Just fill out a quick form to find professionals near your zip code. When possible, the company will connect you with a building professional in your area.

Visit to get started.