Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples


Are you an interior designer, homebuilder or an owner who wants to paint their home but don’t know how the colors you’re looking at will look in the space? Samplize is going to change the way you paint forever.


With Samplize, you get peel-and-stick paint samples from some of the largest names in the paint industry.

Who is Samplize?

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Samplize has been making headlines since 2017 when it opened its online store. Amber and Taylor teamed up to change the way that people pick the paint that they’ll use in their homes or offices.

Amber is a seasoned interior designer who recognized how tedious it is to sample paint colors.

Together, the duo created Samplize to offer the world peel and stick paint samples that people have been wanting for decades.

And each sample is made of real paint, so it’s as accurate as you can possibly get from the samples that you purchase.

Who Can Benefit from Peel and Stick Paint Samples?

Samplize is the perfect choice for:

  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Interior designers
  • Anyone painting a space

Just visit the company’s website and choose from a wide range of sample trending colors from some of the biggest paint brands in the world, like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrows & Ball and more.

Samplize also offers bundles for their peel and stick paint samples.

For example, if you know that you want to go with a light color scheme, you can choose a:

  • Warm White bundle with 10 different samples
  • Cool Whites bundle with 10 samples

You can also explore:

Best Sellers

These are the most popular paint colors in the company’s store. You’ll have an easy time seeing colors that are “in” and will find many options that you may have overlooked otherwise.

Color Name or Code

Do you know the color name or code that you want to try in the space? You can search by these two fields to find the exact match for the sample that you want to use.

Click on a Color to Explore it Further

Once you find a color that you like, you can buy a single sample and explore the color further. Clicking on the color will show you how it looks in a basic room. You’ll then be able to find:

  • Shades similar to the color you chose
  • Information about the paint’s manufacturer

For example, if you click on a Benjamin Moore paint color, you’ll learn that the manufacturer offers premium paints and stains that are ideal for your home. You’ll also find that they make their own resins and use a proprietary colorant for all of the paints they sell.

Checkout is Simple

If you find a color or many colors that you want to purchase, add them to your cart and go to checkout. You’ll have the option of express checkout using:

  • Shop Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Meta Pay

You can also add in your credit or debit card to pay using another method that is better for you. Customers can sign up for an account so that they can avoid plugging in their information every time they go to order a sample.

Popular Paint Sample Colors for 2023

What paint colors are popular in 2023? New trends emerge every year, and the most popular hues this year are reddish colors. Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush is one of the trendiest colors and is a great choice if you want an accent wall to “pop.” The color is a reddish, orange tone.

We’re seeing a lot of bold, vibrant colors added to top lists this year, including:

  • Purples
  • Reds
  • Oranges

Some designers are even going very dark, with navy or black color schemes in offices.

Terra cotta is also becoming popular thanks to the red-orange trend forming. These warm colors are dominating offices and homes in 2023. We’re also seeing these colors used with bright white trim and even batten board on accent walls or all walls.

Natural greens, more earthy in tone than bright, are gaining popularity. These colors are great for bright rooms or spaces that have an abundance of natural light. You can try “Whirlybird” from Farrow & Ball if you want to find a light earthy green or even Silvermist from Sherwin Williams.

Blues are trending more toward their greenish-blue counterparts, but a lot of homeowners are going all out this year with blue cabinets and even bar stools in their homes.

If you don’t mind being bold, Citrus is one of the more popular choices in 2023. Often, the color is used to create a focal point in the space and goes well with white accents.

Monochromatic looks are also in, and this is more of a commitment since the entire room is painted the same color. The one area where you can add some color to the monochromatic space is your crown molding.

Sherwin Williams’ Eider White is one of the top color choices if you want a brighter space, such as a nursey, that looks comfy and cozy.

What You Need to Know About Samplize’s Paint Samples

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Samplize has patented peel and stick samples, and each sample is designed to help you avoid design mistakes. Each sample:

  • Has two coats of paint color to be as close to 100% accurate as possible
  • Comes on sample adhesive that is tested to stick on walls of all textures

You can even stick the sample to one wall, remove it and reapply it to another wall of your choosing. The choice is yours.

No one likes buying small paint can samples or a full gallon of paint only to find out that the color doesn’t match the vision that they had in their mind. 

Samplize paint samples

When you order, you can be confident that the company painted the sample twice using the exact color and brand of paint that you selected on their site. Paint swatches that competitors use state that they provide a “close match” for the sample they provide.

Unfortunately, a “close match” is not enough to be confident in your interior design.

These peel and stick paint samples are a true representation of the paint’s color that will allow you to create the ideal color scheme in your space.

Due to the patented design, you don’t have to worry about the samples peeling off any of your existing paint.

If you like the paint’s color in your space, you can simply purchase it from a store that sells the manufacturer’s paint. It’s that simple.

You can order your paint samples from Samplize with a limited-time offer for overnight shipping. Current deals include buying 8 samples and receiving an additional 2 samples for free (while supplies last).

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