Our site was born out of one part buyers remorse, one part passion with an equal measure of humility and a everlasting hope to help others build their dream home.

We had just started building our first home in the fall of 2013 after signing with a local “custom” builder.  We thought we were thinking ‘outside of the box’ and would not have the same problems as with national “stick home” builders.

What we got was a rude awakening.

The buyers remorse was almost instant and we nearly walked away out on our closing.   In hindsight, that would have been the smart move.  

Within the 1st year, the builder had to replace the entire 1st floor hardwoods, repair the foundation (the workers were learning on the job and started our foundation for an entirely different model) and rewire the entire house!

This is where the humility comes in. 

After months of stress during the build, I had to admit that I got it wrong- completely wrong.

Out of that mess came tons of late nights researching alternative home builders and modern options.  This search quickly showed me into the world of modern prefabs. 

I was hooked, especially on the aesthetics and build quality for steel frame houses.

This is my true passion and since we launched the site at the end of 2013 we have helped thousands of home buyers avoid our mistake with ‘traditional’ home builders and build the home of their dreams. 

From shipping containers, to modern barn style homes, to granny pods- there are affordable, quality builds available everywhere in North America.

If you have any questions or comments about the site or to suggest a project for us to feature, feel free to contact me directly here.

For kit quotes and local contractors, visit please visit our estimate page. We work with different contractors in each state to help you get your project completed.

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Thanks for visiting.

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Q: Can we reach you by phone?

There is a clear reason why you can not find a phone number on our site. I spent my formative years as a makeshift roadie for a few national bands. From that time, I developed some mild hearing loss which eventually turned into a serious impairment. Speaking on the phone is next to impossible for me.

Ear plugs are legit, make sure you and your kids use them at any live gig.

With that said, our free estimate form will put you in direct touch with licensed professionals in your specific state. They will call you and answer your questions directly.

Q: Do you manufacture your steel kits?

No, we do not manufacture any kits ourselves. We use our industry experience to connect you with professional US companies and contractors that are licensed in your state.

We work with the top manufacturers in the industry and you get competitive rates based on our wholesale pricing. To date, we have helped over 8,000 customers purchase their kits and houses.

Q: Will you feature my house listing on your site?

Yes! If you have a MLS-listed property, we would be happy to help you out and share your property with our audience.

We have helped realtors sell over 1200 different listings that feature metal houses. Send us your details here: https://metalbuildinghomes.org/suggest-a-project/

Q: Do you sell floor plans directly?

Yes, we finally have our floor plan marketplace up. Here is the link for our stock plans. This includes custom plans if you are looking for something unique or to modify and existing floor plan. Click here for custom designs.

If you are a licensed architect an would like us to feature your builds, you can contact me directly at here.

Q: Do you offer turn-key building services?

Yes- but it depends on your state. We work with professional builders and manufacturers. About 70% of our customers go the DIY route by simply buying a metal kit and then hire the trades themselves to complete the project.

The other 30% hire the same company to handle the entire build completely.