The Most Popular Colors for Metal Building Houses

metal building color schemes

One of the most exciting parts of a metal building project is the design phase. Along with choosing the size and options, one of the most important things you’ll need to consider is the color(s) of your building. With so many metal building colors to choose from, the decision-making process can feel overwhelming.

Let’s look at some of the most popular colors for metal buildings and some tips on how to choose the right combination for your project.

How to Choose a Color for Your Metal Building

best metal building colors
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When choosing colors for your metal building, there are several things to consider. Here are some tips to make things a little easier.

Look Through Photo Galleries for Inspiration

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with photo galleries. Look at project portfolios of metal buildings for inspiration.

You may find that you’re more drawn to certain colors than others. Make a note of any designs or color schemes that you really like, and use these as a starting point when designing your building.

You can see our best of gallery here.

Use a Visualizer Tool

Photo galleries are a great start for inspiration, but how will those colors look on your exact building from the manufacturer you’re choosing?

One color scheme may look great on a barn with gable roofing and more ornate architectural details and not so great on a simple garage. Everything from the size of the building to the roof pitch and windows and doors will affect the way the color scheme looks.

If you want to “try on” colors for your building, consider using a visualizer tool. Many metal building manufacturers have their own visualizer or designer tools that allow you to see what your design choices would look like.

These tools are user-friendly, allowing you to select the building sizes they offer, add options and then choose your colors.

Being able to visualize colors on the building of your choice will make the process much easier.

Consider HOA Requirements

If your property is governed by an HOA, then you’ll need to keep their rules in mind. Certain colors may be off-limits, or you may be constrained only to certain color schemes.

Make sure that you consult with your HOA first and understand the rules before you move forward with your project.

One last thing to remember – you’ll likely need to choose colors for each component of the building. This includes the roof, siding, doors, trim and any other components that the manufacturer may offer. While you can choose whatever color combinations you want, here are some general guidelines that follow the best design practices:

  • Keep doors (including garage doors) and window trim colors the same
  • Consider making exterior trim, roof and wainscoting the same color
  • Choose a contrasting or complementary color for the primary wall color

Popular Metal Building Color Schemes

If you’re struggling to find the right color for your building, it may be helpful to look at some of the most popular color schemes.

Gray Metal Buildings


9902 Dripping Springs Rd, Denison, TX 75021

Waco, Georgia Black Barndominium For Sale

1001 Bremen Mount Zion Rd, Waco, GA 30182

Winnabow, NC Metal House For Sale

250 George Ii Hwy SE, Winnabow, NC 28479

Foster, KY Barndo

5842 Snag Creek Rd, Foster, KY 41043

Magnolia TX 3

24810 Bridgewater Dr, Magnolia, TX 77355

New Home Texas metal barndominium

1 C, New Home, TX 79383

Gray has always been a popular choice for metal buildings because it’s neutral and can easily complement other buildings on the property.

There are many variations of gray to choose from, including:

  • Light gray
  • Charcoal
  • Ash gray
  • Quaker gray

White Metal Buildings

Dallas, NC Metal House for sale

2520 Philadelphia Church Rd, Dallas, NC 28034

Canton, TX White Metal Barndo

155 Vz County Road 1108, Canton, TX 75103

Franklin, TN Metal Barndo

1319 Petty Rd, White Bluff, TN 37187

Lockport LA 1

220 Winchester Way, Lockport, LA 70374

Carriere, MS Shop House

1115 Anchor Lake Rd, Carriere, MS 39426

Chico Texas Metal Homes

609 N Hovey St, Chico, TX, 76431

White is another popular color because, like gray, it’s neutral and can easily complement other buildings on the property.

Polar White and Bone White/Light Stone are the two most popular shades offered by manufacturers.

White works well on its own, but it’s also a great option to use in high-contrast color schemes (e.g. white and charcoal) because it pairs well with virtually any other color.

Blue Metal Buildings

Navy Blue Barndominium

1600 Mary Lamons Rd, Afton, TN 37616

30x40 metal building house in Winnie, Texas

14253 Todd Rd, Winnie, TX 77665

Alabama Blue Metal Barndominium For Sale

1289 Bruner Pond Rd # 2, Ashford, AL 36312

Blue Barndominium

6201 Holloway Rd, Baker, FL 32531

Tahoka, Texas Blue Barndo

Blue Barndo in Tahoka, TX

Abilene, TX

2864 County Road 320, Abilene, TX, 79601

Blue is one of our favorite colors. It is not as common and thus it always stand out amongst our regular builds. The boldness is striking in arid landscapes and climates.


Cashion, Oklahoma Barndominium

11810 S Council Rd, Cashion, OK, 73016

New York Metal Building House

669 Anderson Hill Rd, Candor, NY 13743

Winchester Kentucky Barndominium For Sale

8129 Wades Mill Rd, Winchester, KY 40391 WorkShop

Braden, TN Modern Metal Home

1200 Braden Rd, Braden, TN 38049 – Scandinavian Modern Design

New Home, TX Metal House For Sale

1060 Smith Ln, New Home, TX 79381

Dickson, Tennessee Metal House For Sale

628 Hillview Rd, Dickson, TN, 37055

Beige is another neutral color that’s popular with metal buildings. You can find different varieties of this color:

  • Sandstone
  • Rawhide
  • Pebble beige
  • Taupe
  • Copper penny

One advantage of beige tones is that it blends in well with the surrounding landscape.

Two Tone Metal Building Color Combinations

12581 Equestion Trl Amarillo, TX

12581 Equestrian Trl, Amarillo, TX 79118

Metal Building Homes Indiana Barndominium

8135 N 600 W, Lake Village, IN 46349

Vanleer, TN 40x60 Metal House For Sale

232 Spring St, Vanleer, TN 37181

Bradenburg KY Barndominium House For Sale

2674 Fairgrounds Rd, Payneville, KY 40108

Cashion, Oklahoma Barndominium

11810 S Council Rd, Cashion, OK, 73016

south dakota metal building home

409 S Church Ave, Montrose, SD, 57048

It’s more common to see two tone metal buildings today than single color structures. Some of the most popular color combinations include:

Grey Metal Building with Black Trim

Grey and black is a timeless color combination for metal buildings, whether your building is for personal use, agricultural or commercial.

Black can hide imperfections and create a nice contrast against a light grey wall panel. If you prefer a low-contrast color scheme, you can also find buildings that are charcoal grey with black trim.

Cobalt Blue and White

Blue and white is another classic color combination for metal buildings, particularly for commercial buildings.

Cobalt blue and slate blue are both popular options for walls. When paired with a white trim and roof, it creates a welcoming structure.

One great advantage of choosing blue for your building’s walls is that it’s easy to keep clean and hides imperfections well.

Burnished Slate and Gray

Gray and burnished slate is another popular two-tone combination for metal buildings. These colors complement each other well and blend in with the landscape.

These colors are especially nice when you have stonework in front of the building.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a color for your metal building doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Use the tips above to find a color combination that fits your personality, goals and the overall theme of your property.