Modern Shipping Container Cabin Designs By Tomecek Studio Architecture

shipping container cabin by Tomecek Studio Architecture

Tomecek Studio Architecture has a motto: We design experiences. The company is one of the leading Colorado architecture firms, offering stunning solutions from modern architects, with the Container Cabin design being one of the most popular choices from Tomecek.

Canyon City Container Cabin

The Canyon City container cabin is one that was designed to be a family retreat. Nestled in a special location in southern Colorado that the family visited for years, sits a container cabin that is made with:

  • 1 x 40’ container
  • 6 x 20’ containers

Custom-fitted glazing assemblies were used to join the containers and it is a prime example of a stunning, high-end cabin home. The unit offers:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Guest quarter
  • Exterior deck

Weather-tight design concepts keep inhabitants comfortable inside of the home and the rear deck is positioned with precision to allow for beautiful views while also sheltering guests from the strong northwestern winds.

When designing the home, the team even provided a rendering of the constellation Orion so that the homeowners could see how the stars would look when they looked up at the night sky.

To say that the clients were happy with this home is an understatement.

Sugarloaf Container Cabin

The Sugarloaf container cabin offers 1,600 square feet of living space as well as a detached garage. The home consists of three shipping containers, each of which has a pair of bedrooms, a kitchen and 1-3/4 baths.

The central living area features structurally insulated panel wall and roof systems. The living area gives access to a large deck, offering unobstructed views of Boulder, Colorado.

The cabin features a concrete-slab floor and is heated by a wood-burning stove. A split heating and cooling system is used for heating and cooling the bedrooms. Solar panels on the detached garage allow the owner to generate more electricity than the home uses, allowing them to sell the electricity back to the grid. 

Container House

Tomecek Studio’s container house model is 1,500 square feet, making it ideal for smaller living. The home incorporates environmentally sensitive strategies, like green roofs, recycled materials and photovoltaics and takes advantage of its natural surroundings.

The home is anchored to a rock outcropping, which allows the owners to enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains to the South.

The main floor encompasses two shipping containers that hold the bedrooms, office, bathroom, laundry and kitchen. The upper floor loft area features a platform bed that sits on tracks that can be slid outdoors.

If you’re looking to build a shipping container cabin that looks and feels like home, Tomecek Studio Architecture can help.

Tomecek Studio Architecture Vision, Mission and Values

A glance at the company’s story and it is easy to see how this container home architect has been able to grow from concept to fruition so quickly.


The architect crafts unique, responsive spaces that go beyond the norm and impact the lives of those that use them. As a visionary, the company’s buildings are designed from the ground up to be thoughtful, lasting creations that impact anyone who lives in the structure.


Curiosity and exploration lend to the firm’s ability to “think outside the box.” Collaboration with clients allows them to maintain their mission of creative solutions that meet the needs of their clients.


Many of the values of Tomecek Studio Architecture exist, including:

  • Collaboration
  • Design excellence
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Outreach

Tomecek Studio Architecture allows the design to improve quality of life, maintains a reputation based on trust and respect, and they use the best technologies and new processes to innovate.

When clients walk through the door, the team is ready to listen and enter into a co-creative process with the client.

Designs are brought forth that focus on everyone’s stewardship, minimizing the impact the building has on the environment and ensuring that the best, sustainable materials are used.

The team behind Tomecek Studio Architecture includes some of the brightest minds in container cabin design and the container home architect world.

Culture is a major facet of working with Tomecek, and each member of the team brings the perfect balance of personality and creativity to the team. Members of the team include:

  • Brad Tomecek: With a Master’s degree in Architecture, Brad is recognized for his works and has been featured in international books, magazines, and more. His works have been integral in the growth and popularity of the company.
  • Alexander Bender: A member of the team since 2018, he has worked as a project manager who is responsible for project budgets and types. He has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Colorado, allowing him to provide unique insights into each container cabin project.
  • Christa Tomecek: The company’s CFO and COO provide crucial financial insights into the company’s finances and goals. She has a long resume, helping many Fortune 500 companies improve their business models.

The team also includes many other important members, such as Macy Funk, who is a designer and project lead. Shyanne Hawken is a designer and drafter who likes to learn how different designs can evoke responses.

Design Process

Every design and home is unique, from the people who will reside in the structures to the land that the buildings will occupy. The design process is not set in stone. Unfortunately, the procedure that goes into the building process is not one that can be documented but happens organically.

Multiple things occur at once with every project, including:

  • Planning
  • Ideas
  • Function
  • Details
  • Project meaning
  • More

When customers work with the studio, they’ll have access to a creative team that first starts by listening to the client and understanding their unique needs. Next, team members and clients will collaborate to create a design that embodies everything that the client wants in their home.

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