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EcoSteel prefab homes are changing the way that residential and commercial buildings are built. An intelligent alternative to traditional home building, EcoSteel works to reduce costs and minimize risk with a modern flair.

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The company works with nationwide manufacturing locations and contractors that will be responsible for erecting your building.

3D engineering is the first step in the process followed by the modeling of the building. Afterwards, shop details are built, and then the pre-fabricated kit and supplies come to the site for assembly.

Readily-accessible materials and technology make this a smart, economical way to build anything.

EcoSteel will provide:

  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • LEED certification
  • Construction speed and quality
  • Proven technology

Budgeting information can also be sent to general contractors to ensure that projects arrive at or as close to budget as possible.

Who is Behind EcoSteel?

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EcoSteel is based out of Orange County, California where the company’s main headquarters is located. The company’s in-house design team will work on creating the initial custom design for any building a customer wants.

When working with EcoSteel, all of their buildings are prefabricated and come with standard pieces and parts.

Constuction can be performed by a residential or commercial steel erector that is certified.

EcoSteel offers several superior methods of construction that are beneficial for all building types. Buildings that are designed and provided offer:

  • Mold resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Leed certification
  • Fire and termite resistance
  • Superior strength

All buildings are solar ready, so clients can have an alternative source of energy to lower costs and go green.

Buildings are designed to last for generations.

EcoSteel’s buildings focus on a low-maintenance construction, meaning that the materials are never subject to:

  • Decomposing
  • Rot
  • Splitting
  • Pests

Materials are all treated to help fight against rust. Buildings are designed to withstand winds up to 150 MPH, allowing them to meet the strictest building codes in the United States. Steel’s strength-to-weight ratio is the highest of any building material despite the material being flexible and lightweight.

All EcoSteel buildings are constructed with 76% recycled steel. When compared to wood construction, which has 20% waste, steel has a mere 2% waste. Health risks found in conventional materials are also not present in steel.

Owners never have to worry about mold overtaking their structure.

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Costs to finish out an EcoSteel home are just 35% – 45% of the total project budget, excluding any land purchases of course. EcoSteel homes or buildings are stronger, more durable and able to be built at a much lower cost than the competition.

Joss Hudson, the founder of the company, is a supplier of pre-insulated and prefabricated building materials.

The company is accustomed to helping homeowners rebuild, and Hudson watched on as residents in California watched their homes burn down to the ground in Santa Rosa. EcoSteel’s materials and pioneering technology allowed Hudson to offer residents custom designs that would help them rebuild while staying in budget.

EcoSteel is committed to a value-driven approach to construction bringing together architects, builders and property owners to create affordable buildings.

EcoSteel creates custom modern residential homes and commercial buildings.

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You’ll find the company’s work in everything, from:

  • Medical offices
  • Homes
  • Warehouses
  • Townhomes
  • Breweries
  • Office buildings
  • Luxury homes

Steel can be used in the building of any structure. It’s a great option for minimalistic buildings, or it can be used in high-scale, luxury vehicles.

EcoSteel also works with partners that will receive direct leads from the company. Partners work with EcoSteel to offer clients cheaper prices, better products and faster construction. Superior value is what’s offered to clients that work with one of the company’s partners.

Residential buildings are the company’s most popular option, with EcoSteel helping rebuild after fires, creating one-of-a-kind townhouses and condos, and building ranches and luxury homes. Custom designs that meet or exceed standards are offered.

What States Does EcoSteel Work In?

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When you work with EcoSteel, you can be confident that you’re working with a company that works in your state. If you’re interested in the company’s steel frame homes, you’ll be happy to know that EcoSteel works in all 50 states.

EcoSteel is also available in Canada.

What Does the Price Include?

EcoSteel isn’t responsible for erecting the building, but they’re responsible for everything else. The company’s price includes:

  • An all-steel core
  • Stamped structural engineering plans
  • Insulated building shell
  • Wall panels
  • Insulated metal roof

Customers will receive a pre-engineered building shell that is dried. Foundation engineering is done by others. Windows and doors are not included, but you will receive a prefab shell that merely needs to be erected.

But the inclusions do go a bit further than that.

The team at EcoSteel works with clients and their architect to ensure that their project’s vision is met. Client designs are thoroughly analyzed to ensure that there won’t be conflicts with the interior or exterior of the space.

The building’s schematic design will then be taken over by the company’s designers to ensure that the design meets the integrity demanded by EcoSteel.

A few additional items that are included in the EcoSteel price are:

  • 3D Model
  • Concept design
  • Component diagrams
  • Trim detail plans
  • Panel details and layout
  • Alternative Energy System options

Plans developed with the help of the client will also include:

  • Bolted connections
  • Insulated panel roof and walls
  • Interior floor joists
  • Freight to build site
  • Framing

Clients will be able to request a complete outline of the deliverables to be provided. The PDF will only be released after Phase 1 has been completed to the general contractor or engineer. Additional CAD drawings may also be produced on request at an additional charge.

EcoSteel will even go as far as educating builders and contractors on how to best erect your building.

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General assistance may also be provided to help in the completion of the work.

Keep in mind that not all materials are provided by EcoSteel. The company provides the basic structure, and the rest is up to you and the contractor to figure out. A few of the documents and plans that are to be provided by others are:

  • Site plans
  • Zoning plans
  • Decking material
  • Finished flooring
  • Water and septic plans
  • Railings

Other contractors or professionals will need to be hired for landscaping, drainage solutions, site grading, foundation, floor covering, interior wall framing, drywall and painting, appliances, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical wiring.

Site visits are charged at an hourly rate where applicable.

The scope of services will be clearly outlined by EcoSteel so that all customers know what is expected of them and the services provided.

Speed, quality and strength allow EcoSteel buildings to be an economical, quick option for homes, offices and any building that the client demands.

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