Denver Co-housing Community by PRODUCTORA

Denver Cohousing communities

PRODUCTORA is helping bring co-living communities in Denver to the masses. Denver Colorado housing is booming, and the company’s latest project helps bring more upscale housing to residents who are in desperate need of new housing options.

Introducing PRODUCTORA

metal house community in Denver Colorado
© Onnis Luque

PRODUCTORA is a company, located in Mexico City and founded by Abel Perles, Carlos Bedoya, Victor Jaime and Wonne Ickx. The team has created its own identity with the use of geometric shapes that make structures fun, exciting and timeless.

Throughout the years, the team has been involved in projects across Mexico and even abroad.

Works from PRODUCTORA have been showcased all over the world, including:

  • Beijing
  • Chicago
  • Venice
  • Barcelona
  • More

Denver was the ideal location for PRODUCTORA’s geometrical designs to be showcased. Communal housing in the area needed a new, fun design that would entice residents to live in these hip communities.

The design team took the need for multiple living spaces in each building and found that the towering, high-pitched roof design kept with the geometrical design concept and space demands of each structure.

The Denver Co-housing Denver Project

All images © Onnis Luque

Designed to address communal living in Denver, the co-housing project was revealed in 2021 and sits just two miles from the city center. Low-density housing was erected in these neighborhoods to help individuals and couples transition to the area.

The lots are both 50 feet wide and there are:

  • 6 studies
  • 2 split-level artist houses

Due to the limited project budget of just 200 USD per square foot, the use of economical construction was a must. The large, pitched roofs help with the area’s snow loads, and a standing seam metal roof and clad were used for this integral part of the buildings.

In the split-level ADUs, the team utilized large, roll-up garage doors to make the space feel more like a workshop and complement the outdoor area.

Each of the studios maximizes its spaces with a focus on function. The studios have:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • Laundry areas
  • Powder room
  • Shared outdoor area

Of course, communal living in Denver is all about community. Each building has its own communal living space where residents can come together.

The buildings create their own alleyways, which the ADUs face, that makes a sense of community among residents.

When you enter into the homes, you find double-height entrances that make the space feel big. Large glazed interior spaces allow interaction between each other, and the upper-floor studios have the benefit of large ceilings thanks to the pitched roof design.

There’s also a sleeping mezzanine, which you can access from an interior ladder. A large skylight brings ample natural light into the mezzanine. Both spaces match each other, with another mezzanine on the other side of the wall. The kitchens are separated by a door to allow for maximum privacy while neatly dividing each space.

And a massive, long kitchen countertop is made from wood, allowing residents to cook together. There’s even space on the right side of the kitchen to sit underneath the countertops to get some work done or prep food without needing to stand.

Inside of the space, the use of hardwood floors and exposed beams gives the space have a warm, comfortable feel. The blue metal exterior brings a sense of fun to communal living in Denver.

The exterior boasts a board and batten design to give the structures a sense of depth and texture. A light and dark blue color scheme is used on the exterior of the buildings, with a lighter blue on the lower half of the housing and dark blue on the top portion.

Natural light shines through the numerous windows in the space, and the glass doors allow for another opportunity to bring the outdoors, indoors. Residents also have more than enough space to sit out in the front and co-mingle. Outdoor electrical sockets also allow you to charge a phone or bring a laptop outside to work while taking in the beautiful Denver climate.