Beauvoir Residence by Bruce Bolande

Beauvoir Residence by Bruce Bolande
Beauvoir Residence by Bruce Bolande
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Bruce Bolande’s Beauvoir Residence utilizes nature to provide an estate that provides protection, dreamy landscapes and views from all angles. The Beauvoir Residence offers panoramic views that can be enjoyed from nearly every corner in the house.

Beauvoir Residence utilizes bold colors in the interior with shades of green helping bring the outside inside.

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Splashes of color can be seen throughout the interior to break up the green flow of the hall. Acid green is used extensively in the kitchen to provide a differentiating look to the room. Walls are painted baby blue to provide a relaxing feel to occupants.

Decorative items in the home tie all of the colors together, with many items featuring the acid green and baby blue coloring that the kitchen offers.

Modern in every sense, the home’s rectangular shape brings an entirely new meaning to being in the middle of nature.

Love, Hate and Materials

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The Beauvoir Residence is a home that you either love or hate. The home’s exterior is different, with Bruce Bolande making extensive use of wood, glass and concrete to offer a contemporary look and feel to the home.

Large panel windows are seen on the lower floor which provide guests in the living room with full view of the surrounding hills.

Beautiful brick that flows from the outside to the inside is seen separating the living room and the patio area. Guests are invited to sit outside and view the beautiful hillside without disturbing nature in the process.

Overhead lighting inside provides ambiance to the room that is both relaxing and soothing to guests.

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The outside area has a beautiful, long table that has seating for six people. Stone flooring with deep grout is used providing a natural stone feel. Guests can see the bright green cabinetry of the kitchen from the outside, offering a colorful experience for all guests.

Stainless steel appliances are used in the home’s interior as the cook can open up the sliding glass door to let air into the room or one of the main smaller windows right above their workspace.

Appliances are mixed into the color scheme as best as possible, with the refrigerator hiding behind the same green exterior as all of the cabinets. The baby blue coloring on the backsplash and countertops offers a beautiful flow of colors.

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The Beauvoir Residence was built in 2004 in Malibu, California (vintage for the modern steel movement) and features:

  • 2 bedrooms and 2 baths
  • 2 story
  • Concrete
  • Concrete block
  • Class wood
  • Corian
  • Laminate
  • Steel

Baths are open with beautiful stone used for the bathtub. The bathroom has an open feel with no separation from the bedroom. A door allows for privacy, separating the toilet from the bathing area. Beautiful, dark wood is used on the cabinetry with a round mirror on display in the middle.

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Perfectly placed, the mirror reflects the exterior sun, allowing for the ideal lighting when putting on makeup.

Outward opening windows are featured in all bedrooms to allow air to fill the room while the larger windows provide the ideal space for light.

The staircase going up stairs includes a banister with glass siding to allow the outside light to flow perfectly into the space. Wooden steps bring guests up to the top level of the home, which has a raw wood look on the floors.

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Bruce Bolande’s Beauvoir Residence is a true mix of nature and man made excellence. Situated in upscale Malibu, California, the residence offers beautiful natural lighting with a soft interior lighting at night. The upstairs room also has outdoor lighting that beams down on the sitting area below.

The Beauvoir Residence is a work of art with a futuristic look and feel.

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