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Western Window Systems

Western Window Systems works to make people’s lives better through windows that blend the indoors and outdoors and moving glass walls. Western Windows uses proprietary technology and an innovative approach to remove boundaries in the home and expand spaces like never before.

Company Vision

Metal Building Windows
Perfect example of custom metal building windows from Western Windows & Doors.

Western Window Systems’ core values include:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Partnership

The company doesn’t settle for anything but the best. The company strives to excel in all areas of the window and door process. Outstanding results are achieved through pride, commitment and innovation.

An innovative approach is taken in all projects to break through the norms and stereotypes in the industry. Collaboration occurs across multiple teams and partners to create products that other modern companies cannot offer to the metal building industry.

Western Windows

Western Windows
Framing Nature. © Western Windows.

Western Window Systems knows that natural light and views of the outdoors are key in the workplace and home. Health and happiness revolve around this beautiful natural light that Western Window focuses on with all of their projects.

Window Products

western windows and doors
Custom Mid-Century remodel from Denver, Colorado. Source.

Western Window Systems includes several popular categories and lines of products. The company’s product categories include:

  • Sliding glass doors. Unique, functional sliding glass doors are available with large-scale options that take away the traditional door seams and truly bring the outdoors indoors.
  • Hinged doors. Focused on durability, precision and protection, the hinged doors play an integral role in both homes and offices. These doors can be used for main entrances, patios, decks and virtually any door where you want to maximize the natural light coming into the home.
  • Folding doors. Bi-fold doors allow for large-scale windowed walls with the ability to open up spaces like never before. The doors can be installed in all homes, including prefab and metal buildings, with the ability to open the indoor area to provide a barrier-free entry and exit way.
  • Windows. A multitude of window options are available, with window walls, hinged and operating windows. The ability to maximize the home’s natural light is possible with dual-paned low-E glass that allows an abundance of light into the space while trapping heat inside to keep energy bills low.

Western Window Systems offers multiple lineups of products to better meet the needs of construction companies and homeowners. The series offered by the company include:

Classic Line

classic series 600 window wall
Classic Series 600 Window Wall

Within the Classic Line, you’ll find a variety of series including:

  • Sliding Doors
    • Series 600
    • Series 2600
  • Hinged Doors
    • Series 900
    • Series 980

Western Window includes a variety of unique options and benefits with their Classic Line, including dual-paned low-E glass windows and a contemporary look that provides the utmost in aesthetics and function.

Performance Line

Series 7675 Fixed Window
Performance Line Series 7675 Fixed Window

The Performance Line includes:

  • Sliding Doors
    • Series 7600
    • Series 7650
  • Hinged Doors
    • Series 7900
    • Series 7980

The performance line also included the low-E windows with a .30 value option in the Series 7600. Infinite customizations and a high variety of configuration options allow these products to fit into any home. The Performance Line is the company’s strongest, most energy-efficient products on the market.

Simulated Steel Line

western windows simulated steel series
Western Windows Simulated Steel Series

The simulated steel line rewards consumers with an impeccable design concept that encompasses nearly 60 years of advancement. The simulated line allows for factory-style windows and doors to a modern style that focuses on large glass panes and a minimalistic look.

You can choose between the signature windows or have options that include:

  • Screens
  • Split finishes
  • Hardware

Superior performance allows for:

  • Low-E glass
  • Dual-pane glass
  • Low U-value ratings
  • NFRC-tested for a pressure rating of 50

Narrow, clean profiles, high-performance glass, high-end finish customizations and easy integration are possible with the simulated steel line.

What Others are Saying

Western Windows has a good reputation, with partnerships that allow their products to be put into metal homes and prefab construction across the country.

The reviews give an insight into how the company’s products are able to help change people’s perspective on windows and doors.

Large-scale options are available through Western doors that provide new options to homeowners that often aren’t possible from other companies.

The reviews that stand out the most include:

  • One client from Gilbert, AZ that is elated with his home after he had an affordable, high-end slider put in that spanned 20-feet by 9-feet. He claims that the doors provided an entirely new living space and was able to bring the outdoors into his home like never before.
  • One colleague, who seems to be a builder, praises the company, stating that they’ve worked together on several projects. The reviewer boasts about the unique doors and high-end windows that they’ve been able to install in Vancouver, BC.
  • Another client has used Western Windows in two of their homes that other window suppliers could not install windows in. Due to the adobe brick and irregular window sizes, many companies could not help the reviewer. Western was able to make a specialty window that fit perfectly in the home without interrupting the exterior.

What stands out in the reviews is that Western Window Systems are able to create a functional home where many others cannot. Builders can rely on Western to develop innovative solutions to meet their clients’ needs.

When building metal or prefab homes, custom window and door systems provide a natural, unique touch to the home that couldn’t be achieved with stock or mass-manufactured systems.

Through proprietary systems and solutions, it’s possible for Western Window to help you bring your sliding door and window designs to life even when other similar systems failed.