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Proto Homes is changing the way modern homes are built. With a focus on making homes smarter, homeowners are finding that a Proto home is more efficient in just about every way. These homes are unlike other prefab models, and once you see why, you’ll understand why they’re the top-rated affordable modern prefab homes on the market.

What Makes Proto Homes Different?

Proto Homes Modern Prefab Builder
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Proto’s first prototype home was created in 2010, and it didn’t take long for word to spread about the unique look and design of these homes.

Now, Proto has eight years of R&D and five years of success under their belt.

What makes Proto unique is their Hyperspace+Core technology, which offers a new approach to the design and construction of homes.

When it comes time to build the home, Proto’s unique prefab system reduces construction time – and reduces the cost by almost half.

And Proto has partnered with companies like Apple, Nest and Sonos to give homeowners the best technologies.

The ProtoCore is at the heart of each home, and it plays a critical role in the home’s efficiency.

What is Protocore?

proto core
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Protocore is the centralized infrastructure silo that houses the home’s “guts,” so to speak. Proto calls it the “engine of the house.”

The core has two purposes: act as a structural support, and serve as the central location for the home’s plumbing, mechanical and electrical sources.

The great thing about this set up is that all of the home’s hardware, ducts, wires and plumbing are exposed, which makes these systems easily accessible for repairs or upgrades.

Every room in the home connects to the core.

Advanced Technology and Details

proto homes floor plans
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All Proto Home models feature advanced technology and details that set them apart from other prefab homes. We already discussed the Protocore, which is a major selling point on its own.

Homes also come equipped with core-enabled open spaces, known as HyperSpace. They’re also Smart-Grid compatible, which allows you to meter, monitor and control. These central connected homes allow for greater efficiency and give homeowners more control.

Along with advanced technology, these homes also have extra unique features that set them apart, such as:

  • HiddenJamb: Proto has found a way to make door jambs invisible, giving homes a more open and airy feel.
  • Floating Museum Wall: Gives the home a unique look.
  • Sheet Metal Eaves and Canopy
  • Zero Penetration Roof


How the Building Process Works

Proto Homes Cost
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Proto Home reviews often boast about the simplistic building process, and that’s exactly what the company aims for: to make construction as stress-free as possible.

But make no mistake – your home will still need time to be built.

The entire process can take several months from start to finish.

Here’s how the process works:

Proto Pass

Proto Pass is the very first step in the process. During this stage:

  • You will choose your budget and platform
  • Zoning research will be performed
  • A site plan will be created
  • Your project will be assigned to an architect
  • The floor plan design will be finalized

The first stage will take about 1-2 weeks to complete.


What is a Platform?

Proto Homes offers a variety of platforms that give you the flexibility to choose the finishes and details you want. Here are the platforms that are available:


The Freedom platform costs $175/sf, and gives homeowners the most flexibility to customize the home and finishes. A contractor will need to be hired to complete the finishing touches.


The Essence platform costs $224/sf, and will provide you with all of the finishes you need to move into your home. Every last detail is included, including the finishes, appliances and fixtures. The latest in smart home tech is also included.


At $300/sf, the Premium platform is Proto’s most expensive option. But this platform includes the most advanced options for all details of the home. The most luxurious fixtures and finishes are included as well as high-end appliances.

Comprehensive Design

modern prefab design
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The second stage takes between one and two months to complete. During this phase, the following details will be sorted out:

  • Exterior materials
  • Finalized exterior design
  • Finalize budget
  • Interior details
  • 3D model creation

This is the stage where the Proto Homes cost will be finalized.

Permit Process

The permit phase is one of the lengthiest stages of the process, but also one of the most important. In this stage, Proto will:

  • Prepare and submit plans to the city
  • Finalize the permits, clearances and fees paid to the city
  • Obtain your permit

The permit stage will take about two to four months.


The manufacturing stage takes about one month to complete. This is the stage where your house will be built in the Proto factory.

Site work will also begin at this time.

Construction Assembly

The construction of your home will take approximately four months. This stage includes:

  • Laying the foundation
  • Delivering the home’s components
  • Assembling the home

Site Work

The next stage is the site work stage, and this process takes about a month. At this point, Proto’s work is done, but there is still site work that needs to be completed, which includes:

  • Public works
  • Utility hook-ups
  • Landscaping and hardscaping
  • Interior finishes (if applicable)

In less than 12 months, you’ll be ready to move into your brand new, smart and efficient home.

Images Courtesy Of ProtoHomes.com

The great thing about Proto Homes is that they use a fully integrated system that makes it easier to predict the building process. Their system also cuts down construction time by 60% and reduces the cost by more than 40%.

You’ll find Proto Homes for sale in nearly every budget and an array of contemporary designs are available to help you find the home of your dreams.