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Morton – a name you know and trust. When it comes to metal buildings, Morton Buildings is the leader in the industry.

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Not only are barns and sheds available, but there are residential homes that are also available with living quarters. That’s right, you can get the same, affordable price from Morton for a home just as you would for any other building the company sells.

And these buildings are built to last.

How Much Do Morton Buildings Cost?

How Much Do Morton Buildings Cost?

If you’re looking for Morton Buildings for sale, you need to know that the company offers various options:

  • Residential
  • Farm
  • Equestrian
  • Commercial
  • Community

And each of these buildings will have a different price point. The buildings that are constructed by the company offer many different options, so there is no set price for one building or another. You’ll find that you can add cement or gravel flooring, double doors and so on.

The additions or subtractions that you make from the building will add up to the total cost.

In terms of a flat rate for the shell of the building, I’m sure that the company does have this, but they do not divulge the flat rate price on the company’s website. There are also considerations, such as the location where the building will be built, what work needs to be done to prepare the land, and other costs that need to be considered.

If you choose to purchase a residential building through the company, you will be contacted by a sales representative who will walk you through the process.

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Are Morton Buildings Expensive?

The biggest question that people have when purchasing Morton buildings is, of course, the price. Most people want to know the average Morton building with living quarters prices compared to the typical home, but this truly depends on the additions that you add.

Remember, the company provides quotes to each person that wants to buy a residential property, so these figures are just examples.

  • An 1800 ft.² ranch-style home without concrete, interior walls or any finishing has a starting price tag of $36 a square foot, or $63,700.
  • A 3000 ft.² two-story shell would start at $202,000, or $67 per square foot. Keep in mind that the finish work, interior walls and concrete have not been poor in this case.

You’ll also find other options that are cheaper or more expensive, and the biggest expense is the additions that you choose to add. For example, you can add an HVAC system, which can set you back several hundred dollars.

Now, you’re looking at the “cost” of the building. But what you’re not realizing is that you also have to:

  • Pour concrete ($5,000+ dollars in most cases)
  • Finish the interior walls (insulation is included)
  • Finish any finishings

All of these additions can set you back several thousands of dollars, and they need to be considered in the cost. Of course, the cost will depend on the contractor they choose to finish the building.

The company is on the higher-end of metal building prices, but they’re one of the best in the industry. You get what you pay for with Morton Buildings.

Pricing Factors

There are several factors that would go into the building’s final price. These factors include:

  • Size: Generally speaking, the bigger the building, the higher overall price you can expect to pay. The consultant will give you a general idea of the cost of the project based on the building plans.
  • Location: The location where the building will be placed will have a major impact on the overall price. Zoning issues, building codes and permits will all have a direct reflection on the final price of your Morton home.
  • Site: Many lots will need to be properly prepared for construction. A sales consultant will analyze your site to determine what work needs to be done, if any.
  • Features: As mentioned previously, you’ll have a variety of features to choose from that will reflect on the final cost of the project.
  • Project Scope: Several professionals will be needed to help you finish a project: plumbers, electricians, inspectors and so on. Morgan’s consultants will talk to you about the project, and they also offer a turnkey construction.

As you can see, all of these price factors need to be considered to really understand how much you will be paying for your home. Turnkey metal building kits are the safest bet if you’re on a strict budget, but most US metal buildings manufacturers will charge a premium to take care of all these intricate details.

Morton Buildings currently operates construction centers in 38 states, and the company completes 6,000 projects per year in the United States.

Accountability Options

Morton Buildings Kits

There are several accountability options to choose from when working with Morton Buildings.

  • Single Source: When you choose a single source accountability option, Morton will take care of all the fine details. This is considered a turnkey construction because the company will coordinate and oversee all contractors and subcontractors. This is the costliest option when building a Morton home, but the right choice for any homeowner that does not want to have to coordinate with dozens of contractors to get the job done.
  • Split Source: A split source accountability option will result in a smaller cost from Morton itself, but you’ll have to hire other construction entities to complete the job. Essentially, you’ll receive an insulated building shell, and the general contractor will be required to complete the remaining finishing that needs to be done.
  • Customer Source: When you go through customer source accountability, this is the least expensive option, but there will be several contractors involved. You are required to hire contractors to complete the interior walls and finishing. As a result, there are higher risks to the customer, and financing may be difficult as a result.

The method of accountability you choose will also have a direct impact on your financing options. You may find it harder to obtain financing when you need to use the customer source accountability option rather than a single source, which is sufficiently easier to secure financing for, but more expensive because all the hard work is taken care of for you.

Morton Buildings look and act like a typical home, and you’ll be able to save money when building your own home. The major bonus of these buildings is that they are constructed rather quickly, and the costs are slightly lower. It’s important to note that the company has reduced their costs majorly over the last few years. Just three years ago, the company reduced their overall prices by 15% to 20% on average, so you’ll be able to get a Morton Building for a much cheaper price now.

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