Modern Siding Options for Metal Homes

Modern Siding

When it comes to siding options, metal homes have many options. From colors to materials and styles, metal homes can look as contemporary or traditional as you want. Whether you’re just building your home or looking to update your exterior, many trends are emerging in modern siding.

Here are some of the top home trends in modern exterior siding.

8 Modern Siding Exterior Trends

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Modern siding has come a long way in recent years. Fiber cement, metal and concrete allow for more options when it comes to design, placement and style. In addition, materials can easily be mixed and matched to create a wide range of contemporary exteriors that catch the eye and amp up the curb appeal.

1. Thicker Profiles

For decades, narrow lap siding has been the standard for virtually all siding options. But the introduction of fiber cement board has opened up new creative opportunities. Wider siding profiles are emerging in modern home designs.

When paired with contrasting-colored windows and mixed materials, wider boards can create a more geometric and modern look. Learn more about metal siding options for residential houses here.

2. Contrasting Colors with Metal Siding Houses

Contrast is a big trend that we’re seeing in contemporary homes. Dark trim with wooden features helps highlight a home’s luxurious, standout features. Black window frames are another big trend that’s being paired with earthy or neutral-colored siding.

Along with natural wood, other trending siding colors include charcoal, cobalt and deep blues. These colors pair especially well with white or light accents.

3. Mixed Shapes and Materials for Modern Homes

Mixed materials, shapes and colors work well for contemporary homes with clean lines. Siding with a narrow profile can easily be paired with wider siding profiles. In addition, horizontal and vertical siding can be mixed to highlight elements of the home.

Homes with fiber cement, metal or traditional vinyl siding may be combined with:

  • Natural stone. Stone complements the look while adding earthy elements, especially when paired with siding designed to mimic the look of real wood.
  • Wood. Whether natural or faux, wood adds some warmth and contrast to other materials.
  • Metal. Dark or light metal siding can be combined with other materials to add contrast and clean lines.
  • Glass. Modern home designs tend to go big on windows. Glass walls are common, too. They pair well with virtually any material and add beauty to the home.

4. Unique Placement

Fiber cement allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to the placement of the siding. You can highlight architectural features, or just create unique designs with contrasting colors.

Fiber cement allows for a deeper reveal between your panels. The use of metal trim and mitered corners can also create unique exterior looks draw the eye.

5. Standing Seam Contemporary Siding

Standing seam panels are another emerging trend in the contemporary siding sector. Strong lines and hidden fasteners help create a striking building that really catches the eye and strengthens the geometric look of the home.

6. Horizontal and Vertical Metal Siding

Horizontal siding, or vertical siding – which one is better? Why not choose both? More contemporary homes are blending the strong, commanding look of vertical siding with the softer, more welcoming horizontal siding.

These contrasting siding options can highlight different areas of the home while creating a well-rounded look.

7. Faux Wood Fiber Cement

Although contemporary design favors industrial elements, like metal and concrete, most homeowners don’t want to feel like they’re living in an industrial park. Faux wood fiber cement can add warmth and natural elements to a contemporary home.

Many modern homes are using this type of fiber cement siding to:

  • Create a line of paneling below the roofline to draw the eye and add contrast.
  • Highlight architectural elements.
  • Add warmth or contrast to other materials in the exterior design.

Vintage Wood is a popular choice, and it mimics the look of real, refined wood. This particular product is available in warm and cool wood tones to complement any exterior design. Vintage Wood also has a built-in rainscreen and a variety of corner options to choose from.

8. Warmth

Contemporary design favors clean lines, open layouts and glass walls, but without some warm elements, the home’s exterior can feel cold and unwelcoming. We touched on this earlier, but natural elements, like wood, water and greenery, add curb appeal.

A home should still feel like a home, and that’s why this trend is one that will likely be here to stay (at least for quite some time).

Modern Home Exterior Trends

Along with the siding trends above, other modern home exterior trends are emerging, including:

Going Big on Windows

Contemporary homes use natural light to not only brighten up a home, but to save on energy costs as well. For example, big windows complement the open layouts of modern homes.

Windows should complement the home’s architecture. Black or contrasting trim colors are on-trend right now.

Contrasting Garage Doors

Just as contrasting doors and windows add appeal and draw the eye, so do contrasting garage doors. The garage door color should match the home’s doors and windows to create a uniform look.

For example, black garage doors, black windows and a black door will pair well with a creamy white siding color. The contrasting colors add curb appeal and really make the home stand out.

Pergolas and Front Porches

More people are trading in their front stoops for front porches. Porches give the family a place to relax and unwind, wave to the neighbors and enjoy the outdoors. They make a modern home feel more welcoming.

If a porch is off the table, a pergola is a great alternative. They add shade and covering, so you can enjoy the outdoors without the great expense of adding a full porch.

These are some of the top trends emerging in modern home exteriors and siding. Dark and contrasting colors is a trend that has been gaining steam over the last few years, and will likely continue into the near future. One advantage of having a metal home is that you can easily take advantage of these trends and update the look of your home without spending a small fortune.

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