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Lester Buildings is a leader in custom metal barns, giving life to the dreams of local pole barn builders and allowing consumers to have an affordable, custom option for their metal barns.

Lester Buildings
1111 2nd Ave S
Lester Prairie, MN 55354

The company allows for top-quality at an affordable price with the utmost in function.   Somehow, we were not aware of them until someone shared a few of their projects with us on our FaceBook page.  We were instantly impressed and wanted to share their projects with you…

Lester Pole Barns
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History of Lester Buildings

Lester Buildings isn’t your new, hip company that came out of the woodworks and offers pole barns. The company has 70 years of experience first offering pole barns in 1947.

The company’s pole barns can be seen dotted across the country with over 150,000 pole barns sold.

The company was founded with 11 men and their dedication to turn their 2,400 sq. ft. warehouse into a business that would last a lifetime.

Art Schwichtenberg purchased the company in 1954, transitioning the company to wooden structures. He would guide the company to selling over 49,000 buildings and sell the company after 32 years of operation.

The company was sold to Butler Manufacturing, which helped the company expand its coverage to two-thirds of the country and added several new manufacturing facilities in the process. The company remains a privately held entity today with the same three principles that the company’s founder envisioned for Lester Buildings:

  • Professional planning from start to finish
  • Customization
  • Value

And these same values have been a focal point of the company’s locations across the country.

Lester Buildings Project Gallery

texas pole barns
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Lester Building Locations

Lester’s operations can be found across the country, with the company’s four main offices in:

  • Lester Prairie, MN: The company’s main headquarters is on Second Avenue South.
  • Lester Prairie, MN: A material deliveries and pickup office is located on County Road 9.
  • Charleston, IL: The company’s Western Service Center is on West State Street.
  • Clear Brook, VA: The company’s Eastern Service Center is on Woodbine Road.

Of course, you can contact the company directly online to talk with a dealer or representative in your area. Lester Buildings offers exceptional customer service with a quality that can’t be matched.

Lester Buildings Quality is Unmatched

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Lester Buildings offers everything from custom pole buildings to commercial grade farm buildings.

The company’s complete building portfolio includes:

  • Farm buildings
  • Hobby buildings
  • Livestock buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Horse barns and stables
  • Pole barns
  • Metal and steel buildings

And there are also Lester Buildings with living quarters offered. The company offers plans, designs or complete pole barn constructions. The company additionally offers pole barn kits that come with all of the materials and plans along with detailed instructions to allow you to construct your pole barn on your own.

When choosing Lester Buildings, you can be confident that the company offers an industry-leading warranty on all of their buildings.

The company’s warranty includes:

  • Lifetime structural warranty (50 years for businesses)
  • 50 year warranty on treated lumber
  • 40 year warranty on painted steel
  • 1 year warranty on workmanship

The company does offer a 5 year warranty on roof leaks, but the duration of this warranty varies based on local dealer and representatives.

Residential Pole Barns with Reality Pricing

Lester Buildings prices are not your typical, one-pricing-fits-all solution. No. Instead, you’ll enjoy reality pricing – a pricing that you can be confident won’t lead to tens of thousands of dollars in unforeseen fees and expenses.

Beyond the building dimensions and structure, the company wants to:

  • Visit the building site
  • Examine any unforeseen difficulties in the building process
  • Offer a true custom quote

The company wants to make sure that everyone wins when they provide a quote. When the building’s location plays such a huge role in the overall cost of the building, it’s vital that a contractor comes out to provide a quote that you can be confident in accepting.

And the reality quote provides the customer with additional details of the construction process and explains any difficulties or adjustments that will be necessary due to the building’s location.

This is the quality of customer service that has allowed Lester Buildings to transition into a world-known brand.

The company’s complete offering of buildings includes:

Pole Buildings

The company has built over 150,000 pole barns nationwide and offers pole building kits for sale, too. These barns can be constructed by the owner or built by a professional on-site.

Farm Buildings

The dream of owning a farm shop is a reality for many farmers thanks to Lester Buildings. The company has offered farm buildings to consumers for over 65 years, with several farm options, such as:

  • General shops
  • Maintenance shops
  • Equipment storage
  • Grain and commodity storage

Hobby Buildings

Garages and workshops with endless customizations are offered through Lester Buildings. These designs are flexible, allowing for true customization from siding to roofing and accessories.

These buildings include:

  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Sheds

And any building you can dream of erecting.

Livestock Buildings

Lester Buildings is responsible for manufacturing thousands of livestock buildings, with the company offering:

  • Dairy barns
  • Beef barns
  • Hog barns
  • Business area add-ons

The company also offers customization and ventilation systems of your choice.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings offer pre-engineered wood-frame systems with 30% faster construction and an affordable price. Energy efficient, these buildings can include, but not limited to:

  • Break rooms
  • Dog kennels
  • Self storage
  • Warehouses
  • Funeral homes
  • Event centers
  • Restaurants

The company offers the best solution at the best price.

Horse Barns & Stables

Horse barns and stables allow you to propel your business or hobby to the next level. Lester Buildings offers numerous options, including:

  • Commercial stables and arenas
  • Personal stables
  • Viewing rooms
  • Barns with living quarters

The company can provide the DIY kits and plans, or they can build the entire building for you.

Steel Buildings

Dependable and durable, Lester Buildings has offered steel clad buildings since 1948, and their products allow you to protect your toys, furniture or any other items you wish. These strong buildings come backed by a lifetime warranty, and they include:

  • Garages
  • Metal barns
  • Factories

Lester Buildings will have their team of design professionals discuss your desired building, and bring it from conception to life with cost-effective materials and precision costs.

Lester Buildings is the premier custom metal barns provided with state-of-the-art design, the Eclipse Roof System (only available through Lester) and a team of designs and buildings waiting to bring your project to life with reality pricing.


Visit LesterBuildings.com for more information.