How To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Metal Building

Curb Appeal Tips: how to make a metal building look better

Most people don’t associate metal buildings with curb appeal. We have to admit that is a reasonable reaction based on the fact that most standard metal buildings of the past were cold and uninviting. We have even heard the term ‘brutalist architecture’ used in describing these early builds.

Today, modern metal building designs and barndos can and often do look just like traditional homes.

But just like any other building, you need to put in a little effort to increase its curb appeal. These exterior ideas can help make your metal building look more visually appealing and inviting.

How to Make A Metal Building Look Better

Waxahachie TX Metal House
Stone wainscoting & wood door

There are several ways you can make a metal building look better. If you’re still in the design phase, you can customize your structure to make it more homely or blend seamlessly with your home.

Whether your metal building is used as your home, shop or for some other purpose, these tips can help boost its curb appeal.

Add Doors, Windows and Shutters

Doors, windows and shutters will make your metal building look more welcoming and inviting. These are familiar elements of a home, and even if your metal building is only used as your shop, it will make the space more appealing to the eye.

There are so many options to choose from for each of these components. Choose one that matches the building’s style or the style of your home and other outbuildings on your property.

Door Styles

Newnan, GA Barndominium House For Sale
Combination Sliding Barn Doors & Traditional Entry Door

Installing new doors can help not only improve your building’s curb appeal, but also make it easier to access your space.

There are several styles and colors to choose from. You may even be able to create a custom door for your metal building to really boost the curb appeal.

  • Barn doors
  • Glass patio doors
  • Embellished doors
  • Double front doors
  • Metal walk doors
  • Overhead doors

Windows and Shutters

Great example of window wall

Windows allow natural light to shine through, but they can also give your building instant curb appeal. From size and shape to trim color, you can truly customize your windows to match your building. Shutters add that extra touch to really make the building look like home.

Large expansive windows can add drama and appeal, but don’t be afraid to go with garage-style windows. It is a metal building after all.

Install New Lighting

exterior lighting
Great example of subtle exterior lighting

Outdoor and landscape lighting can really add a touch of elegance to your metal building structure. The style and arrangement of your lighting can make the building look more home-like and inviting.

Lighting can also be used to highlight architectural elements of the building, adding drama or making the space cozy at night. Sconces and farmhouse style lighting can illuminate your space without overwhelming it or sacrificing any of its charm.

Choose an Appealing Color

Malone, TX 66-acre ranch with custom barndo

One of the best ways to improve your metal building’s curb appeal is to choose a homey color for the exterior. Most metal building manufacturers offer a variety of colors, so don’t just stick to the standard default color.

Beige, gray and dark blue are great options for a more modern looking barndo or shop. For a more traditional or rustic look, try wood siding or shiplap.

You’re only limited by your imagination when choosing a color and exterior style for your building. Today, barndos can look just like a traditional home.

Add a Porch and Wainscoting

Farmersville, TX Barndo 41 acre
Grand and inviting porch

A metal building with a porch has more curb appeal than a standard building with no special architectural features. Add a deep porch for rocking chairs, or create a covered patio porch area for outdoor entertaining. When designing your porch, go beyond the basics. Play with different materials, colors and styles to take your metal building from drab to fab.

Wainscoting can also give your building more visual appeal and make it look more like a home. Adding brick or stone can create an elegant look, but you don’t have to blow your budget. Simply changing the color of your siding can create the same effect. Choose a contrasting color to draw attention to this detail.

Add Landscaping

The simplest – but not necessarily the least expensive – way to boost your building’s curb appeal is to add landscaping. Simple landscaping can transform even the simplest metal building.

The addition of trees, flowers, shrubs, perennials and annuals can make the space feel more like home. Add landscaping elements to the entryway and around the perimeter. Don’t forget about the lawn. A healthy, lush green lawn can soften a metal building to make it more welcoming.

Colorful flowers can brighten up the space. Adding stone pathways and walkways with shrubs, grasses or bushes can make your building more attractive.

Landscaping can be costly, but a smart design can give you a great return on your investment. If you have a barndo, it can add up to 20% to the value of your home.

Choose an Attractive Roof

Charlotte, TN Metal Barn House For Sale

When designing your metal building, think about roof styles. A long-lasting, classic roof style will add curb appeal now and for years to come.

Nearly all metal building manufacturers offer different roof styles to choose from. Choose one that will make your metal building look more like a home. The same goes for your style of steel siding.

Options can include:

  • Gable
  • Gambrel
  • A-frame horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Boxed eve

Standard roof options are an economical choice, but investing in an upgraded roof style can help make your building look more like a home or blend seamlessly with your existing home.

Create Spaces for Entertaining

Saltbox House with metal by Studio B Architecture
© Studio B Architecture

Outdoor entertaining spaces can really add to your building’s curb appeal.

From fire pits to pergolas, covered dining areas and outdoor kitchens, there are so many ways to create these gathering spaces near your metal building. These areas can be complemented by thoughtful landscaping and lighting.

Entertaining areas can be as simple or elaborate as your budget allows.

Maintain and Clean Up Your Space

Glasgow, Kentucky Barn Home For Sale

Curb appeal goes beyond design elements. Yes, all of the above-listed tips can improve the curb appeal of your building, but it’s important to ensure that your space is well-maintained.

A plain, well-kept yard has more curb appeal than complex landscaping that isn’t cared for or maintained. Ensuring that your building’s exterior is clean and well-maintained is also important.

  • Remove debris
  • Maintain your lawn and landscaping
  • Weed flower beds and replace dead plants
  • Tidy up edges
  • Make sure driveways and walkways are clean
  • Add new mulch around trees and in your garden areas

Taking the time to tidy up and maintain your outdoor space is an affordable way to instantly add to your curb appeal.

Whether you’re using your metal building as a workshop or you recently built a residential barndo, you can use these tips to improve your building’s curb appeal.

Start small, especially if you are on a tighter budget, and expand on your efforts every year until you reach your goals.