The Container Tower House (River House Lookout)

Container Tower House

Set in the rich woodland of the Cohutta Wilderness in Whitfield County, Georgia, the River Forest Lookout invites adventurers to a tranquil, off-the-grid retreat. Nestled on 14 acres of private land, this refuge artfully combines a rustic fire lookout tower design with modern comforts.

Guests are welcomed into a steel structure rising 60 feet off the ground, comprised of two modified shipping containers joined to create an intimate yet functional habitat.

The main container houses a comfortable living space, complete with a kitchenette featuring a basic two-burner propane stove, and a plush double bed. A separate container includes a spacious bathroom, offering a walk-in shower, flushing toilet, and a sink.

Amenities are considerately geared towards an eco-friendly stay. Energy needs are met by a rooftop solar panel array, and warmth is provided by propane heaters and a traditional wood stove. Notably, guests can relax by the warmth of a gas-powered fire pit on a rooftop terrace—an idyllic spot for stargazing.

The beauty of the site is in its combination of seclusion, panoramic views, and connection to nature. The balcony and terrace overlook Jacks River, allowing visitors to disconnect and enjoy the harmonious sounds of the surrounding wilderness.

Renowned for its eco-conscious elements and thoughtfully designed to harmonize with its environment, Mark Derenthal’s creation is a welcoming respite to those seeking to immerse themselves in mountain serenity.

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