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Encino, CA

Blue Sky Building Systems has the goal of bringing efficiency to the factory fabrication process. The company, founded in 2007, focuses on the light-gauge steel market for residential homes. A South California company, Blue Sky Building Systems works with architects across the world to bring the latest in steel design to the masses.

When Blue Sky builds homes, they minimize waste, allowing for the cost-savings to be passed on to the customer.

The process starts in a factory where construction crews are able to dedicate all of their time and resources to a structure. Factory fabrication removes the one key variable that impacts construction the most: weather.

Cold weather, snow and rain greatly impact the building process.

Factory fabrication limits many of these variables along the way. Structures are built faster with better quality and no interruption. A controlled environment means that deadlines are met, not exceeded. And when the fabrication process is complete, the structure is ready for assembly.

It’s the faster, more efficient way to construct a building.

It’s the Blue Sky Building Systems way of ensuring that every project exceeds the client’s expectations.

The Blue Sky Homes Build Process

California kit homes are meant to impress, but the work that happens behind the scenes is really what makes Blue Sky one of the leading home fabricators. The process is complicated, yet it’s been streamlined to be as fast and efficient as possible.

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Blue Sky’s system includes:

  • Design Process. The design process includes working with architectures to make a client’s dream home come to life. Several firms work with Blue Sky to ensure that the building’s plans meet design and code requirements.
  • Prefabrication. Once the designs are approved, it’s time to move on to the prefabrication process. This process includes all of the pieces being ready for assembly. Workers must make sure that the pieces are precut, drilled and brought out flat to piece together rapidly.
  • Assembly. The steel comes together seamlessly, and everything is bolted together for the utmost in durability. Welding is never part of the assembly process.

Simple and strong is what people expect from Blue Sky. The pieces are then brought to the work site. The steel panels are often trucked into the site, and sometimes, smaller trucks are needed to bring the panels to the final site of the home when bigger trucks and rough terrain make it difficult.

Projects are often completed with the lightest touch possible. What this means is that the structure takes very minimal site work to complete. The land is not impacted in the same way that it is with a normally constructed home.

And with homes being able to withstand high seismic ratings and withstand high winds, Blue Sky’s buildings make sense for a lot of California residents.

ASC Building Products are used in many of the designs and structures. The building products consist of corrugated metal panels that were used extensively in the Rock Reach House. The Iron Ox wall panels are made with unpainted and untreated steel. A stunning, aged appearance is what follows.

Since there’s no paint or treatment, the surface rusts to provide a natural oxide finish. The finish doesn’t impact the integrity of the steel, but it does create a unique look that others homes do not have.

Blue Sky Building Systems in the Press

Blue Sky Building Systems has been in the press, with spectacular residences on display. Some of the company’s most prestigious projects include:

  • Angus Residence. The Agnus Residence is located in Palm Springs, California
  • Rock Reach House. A home that sits in the Southern California desert, Rock Reach is made of modern steel with enormous boulders surrounding it. A short-term vacation rental, the home has been featured in several magazines thanks to the building’s light-gauge frame system and revolutionary design. The home floats over a seasonal stream, offers the Blue Sky wall system and also includes moment frames.
  • The Graham Residence. Another beautiful home in Rock Reach. The Graham Residence floats over the terrain, making sure that as little damaging site work as possible was done. The wall and moment frame system are also used in the home.
  • Napa Residence. The Napa Residence is a 1,130 square feet home that consists of two bedrooms and bathrooms. The contractor that constructed the home had no experience with the Blue Sky System before constructing the masterpiece that sits in Napa.

The Rock Reach House Gallery

But these are just a few of the many projects that the company is known for constructing. There are numerous others that are worth looking at, such as:

  • Carmel Valley Residence
  • Vista Las Palmas Addition
  • Gilbert-Troost Residence
  • Goddard Residence
  • Ohm Residence
  • Kimball Residence
  • Letts Residence
  • Joshua Tree Rental
  • Kauai Residence
  • Battle Ground Residence

This is just a short listing of the projects that have been completed under the Blue Sky name.

Blue Sky Homes Building principals are applied to all of the homes they create, resulting in award-winning, modern steel prefab homes. The company has won several awards, often from Architect Magazine and other AIA publications.

Floor plans are open and flexible, and the company works with buyers to ensure that the structure is exactly what they want in a home. Sustainable, precise and offering rapid assembly, Blue Sky Homes is one of the best in the business.

Blue Sky Building Systems works with architectural firms to incorporate the company’s products into a variety of projects.

Blue Sky Homes Design Gallery

For more information, you can find them online at BlueSkyBuildingSystems.com.