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Smith and Vansant Architects: The Modern Meadow Retreat


A small team of architects known as Smith and Vansant Architects was established in 1994 when Pi Smith and John Vansant decided to join forces and bring their sustainable home building designs to life in the New England area.

With Licenses in Vermont and New Hampshire, this small team of 5-7 architects all are educated with Master’s degrees in architecture.

With numerous talents and individual strengths, this small group is more than equipped to handle design, communication and management of home design on any scale, from simple to the most complex.

Smith & Vansant Modern Meadow
Source: Smith & Vansant Architects

Modern Meadow Retreat Photos

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The teams shared values all begin with the desires of the client.  Working with their needs, wants and budget, clients of Smith and Vansant Architects will be extremely pleased to have their dream home come to life by making their esthetic and functional needs a top priority.  With extreme attention to details, proportions, lighting and materials, Smith and Vansant work with each particular home site to bring appreciation the architectural design it encompasses.

Smith and Vansant architects are characterized by their designs being durable and beautiful.   Striving to be a top contributor and leader among clients and home design communities, they aim for high quality design while respecting the environment, opting to use sustainable materials whenever and wherever possible.  Smith and Vansant Architects believe whole heartedly that communication is the key while actively listening and understanding client’s needs.  By including them as an essential part of the ‘design’ team they are able to bring their dream home to life.

A fine example of a dream home come to life is the Modern Meadow Retreat.

Images courtesy of Smith & Vansant Architects

As its name sake, the home is a modern beauty situated on a grand meadow landscape.  In addition to the beautiful landscape around the home, it is surrounded by Mother Nature’s art from meadow grass to a never ending view of trees displaying picture perfect foliage for miles.  It is the perfect blend of metal framing, aesthetics and nature.

The exterior of the home displays modern, clean lines constructed with mixed materials using metal, aluminum, concrete and wood accents.  Painted in white with touches of gray and wood stain accents, the beauty of the exterior is the simplicity that compliments the variety in the landscape.  The home also features a rectangular swimming pool.  The interior of the pool is darker, giving the appearance of a lake- a perfect touch to add to the beautiful meadow landscape.

The interior of the home is exquisite using a neutral color palette with modern details in the interior design and decorating.  Sleek cabinetry, tile and wood flooring, metal beams and wood accents throughout the home extend the unique, modern look of the exterior to the interior.  Modern touches with furniture, lighting, fixtures and accent pieces adorn each room of the house, completing the all inclusive modern design, making the Modern Meadow Retreat the ultimate modern dream home occupying the most coveted scenic landscape.

Modern Meadow Retreat
Source: Smith & Vansant Architects