Port Ludlow by Finne Architects

Port Ludlow by Finne Architects

In 1994, Seattle based FINNE Architects put its roots down in the Pacific Northwest.  Established by Nils Finne, the U.S. and Norway raised designer has established a company which offers sustainable home design with Scandinavian touches in landscape and modern craftsmanship.  In addition to the home architecture itself, Nils Finne also designs custom interiors as well.  From furniture to cabinets/hardware and custom lighting, homes can be custom designed in its entirety or offered independent of each other.  With amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail, FINNE Architects offers custom, one of kind exterior and interior designs.

Dedicated to sustainable home living, FINNE Architects designs and constructs homes using conservative resources.  These include but are not limited to maximum usage of natural light within the home, passive cooling and heating, using sustainable building materials in construction as well being LEED certified.

A true example of the green, custom designs FINNE Architects offers is the Port Ludlow residence.

PORT LUDLOW: A sustainable residence by FINNE Architects.
Images Courtesy of FINNE Architects.

A modern design on the Hood Canal, the residence is a 2400square foot house with a simple “glass” design that opens up creating a scenic porch like interior looking out onto the canal.  With lush greenery and built on a high bank, the east-facing house offers beautiful water views.  The main living walls face the outside view and connect to glass doors which slide conveniently to join the interior and exterior living space.  Bedrooms and office space are privately situated on the North end of the home.

This glass design is one of the many green features of this home.  With glass walls, it offers superior natural light and ventilation.   The building materials used, 2×8 construction provides up to 40% increase in insulation.  Recycled metal and aluminum siding and overhangs provide protection from the elements keeping all outdoor and exterior materials conveniently, maintenance free.

port ludlow residence
Images Courtesy of FINNE Architects.

The interior of the home is just as exceptional as the exterior design, showcasing the homes’ simplicity and elegant features.  The wood flooring is done in IPE wood creating a hardy and sustainable floor that is known for its density and durability.    Beautiful quartz and limestone serves as countertops to zebrawood and mahogany cabinetry while Douglas fir wood is used for interior doors and trim work.  Interior greens features also include linoleum floors, use of natural wool for carpets and painting with low-no VOC paints.

Port Ludlow Finne Architects
Images Courtesy of FINNE Architects.

In addition, FINNE Architects have been members of the Cascadia Green Building Council who are progressive leaders and advocates in the green, sustainable 21st century building movement.  With their dedication to sustainable and green living through custom home building and interiors, it’s no surprise that FINNE Architects are the recipients of multiple awards since 2007.   Awards include Northwest Design Awards, International Property Design Awards, Custom Home Design Awards as well as Nils Finne himself being selected as a Top 100 in what defines Seattle design.

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