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Founded in 1987, Nucor Building Systems has grown to become a leading manufacturer of metal building systems for commercial, industrial, warehouse, agricultural and community markets. The company boasts a network of 800 talented design-build contractors in the business.

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Nuco Company History

Nucor Building Systems opened its first division in Waterloo, Indiana.

The company grew over time, and now has four manufacturing operations in:

  • Waterloo, Indiana
  • Terrell, Texas
  • Swansea, South Carolina
  • Brigham City, Utah

In addition, the company has a sales office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to serve customers in the Northeast.

Nucor Building systems is a division of Nucor and a brand within Nucor Buildings Group. The company has achieved IAS AC 472 accreditation for all four manufacturing facilities. The brand is a member of the MBMA and CSSBI, which means that their practices, manufacturing and engineering policies, and procedures are audited annually.

As part of the metal building certification process, several aspects of Nucor Building Systems’ operations are reviewed, including:

  • Rat materials
  • Software
  • Design specifications
  • Building code compliance
  • Quality control procedures

Nucor’s core philosophy is F.O.C.U.S., which means that they provide steel that:

  • Fits
  • On-time deliveries
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unbeatable services
  • Solutions that work

Each year, Nucor steel helps keep more than 20 million tons of scrap metal of out landfills in America.

All steel buildings offered by Nucor Building Systems are designed and certified by professional engineers, are in accordance with the provided loading information, and are in compliance with the MBMA.

Nucor Building Group Products

Nucor Buildings Systems offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of customers.

Framing Systems

Nucor Framing Systems
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Nucor produces a wide range of structural systems, including:

  • Modular rigid frame
  • Clearspan rigid frame
  • Lean-to
  • Tapered beam

All structural systems are available in either standard or long span options.

Roof Panel Systems

classic roof
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A variety of metal roof systems are available through Nucor, including:

  • Nucor VR16 II: A Structural Standing Seam Vertical Rib that’s ideal for architectural requirements and provides a weathertight system.
  • Nucor CFR: A raised seam metal roof designed to float to accommodate for thermal contraction and expansion.
  • Nucor Classic Roof: An industry standard product, Nucror’s Classic Roof can be applied to roof slopes of 1/2:12” and greater.
  • Insulated Standing Seam Roof: Designed for field assembled standing seam roof applications. Panels install quickly and efficiently, and provide a high level of thermal R-value for the facility.
  • Insulated Nucor High Rib: Designed for field assembled applications. Energy efficient, the high rib panels provide cost savings.

Wall Panel Systems

Nucor Wall Panels
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Nucor offers five wall panel systems:

  • Nucor Classic Wall: Designed for community, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Nucor Accent Wall: Designed for decorative wall designs and fascias, with recessed fasteners and a deep rib configuration.
  • Nucor Reverse Classic: Offers a rigid surface that can compress up to 4” of insulation without causing bulges. Fasteners are semi-concealed.
  • Nucor Liner Panel: Designed to protect and finish the building’s interior. The 28-gage panel features a Polyester paint system coating.
  • Nucor Insulated Metal Panels: Lightweight and durable, insulated metal panels offer 100% reliable thermal performance and insulation continuity.


Nucor Skylights
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Diffused skylights can be combined with daylight-responsive lighting controls and energy-efficient lighting to maximize energy savings.

Nucor offers several skylight options to maximize daylight transmission, including:

  • Prismatic Skylight Roof Curb System
  • Curb Mounted Prismatic Skylights
  • Smoke and Heat Vent Skylights
  • LED Lighting and Controls

Smoke and heat vent skylights are designed to automatically open to release smoke, heat and noxious fumes in case of a fire. These skylights can withstand severe weather conditions. They come fully assembled and ready for installation.

Nucor’s prismatic skylights provide 100% diffusion and 35% more light than conventional skylights. The design virtually eliminates glares and hotspots in buildings.

EcoSpan Mezzanines

Nucor Ecospan flooring
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Nucor’s Ecospan mezzanines have components with high strength-to-weight ratios, which allows for shallow floor depths, longer spans, enhanced performance and greater rigidity. The mezzanines are made with 97% recycled steel joists and 70% recycled steel decking.

Installation is quick and easy thanks to the company’s patented screw-down Shearflex HD Connector. Each connector is placed in less than 10 seconds.

The lightweight, shallow composite joints allow for greater rigidity and are a more economical solution.

Nucor’s mezzanines also have a sound transmission classification rating of 57 in tests conducted by the Riverbank Acoustic Laboratory.

For more information on any of their products visit Nucor online at

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