Modern Post and Beam House by Timberlyne

Post and Frame Homes with metal frames
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Timberlyne specializes in post and beam construction, offering both prefab barn home kits and custom structure designs. The company was once known as Sand Creek Post & Beam before unifying with Texas Timber Frames and Barn Kings to form Timberlyne. The company now has two main offices: one in Wayne, Nebraska and one in Boerne, Texas.

modern post and frame house by Timberlyne
© Timberlyne

Today, Timberlyne offers modern post and beam structures and often uses mixed materials in their structures, such as a steel frame engineered into the timber frame.

For those unfamiliar with Timberlyne, it’s important to understand what post and beam construction is and its benefits.

Post and Beam Construction Benefits

metal post and beam
Steel Post & Beam Construction Building

Post and beam is a method of construction that arranges heavy timber in horizontal or upright orientations. The vertical timbers are posts, while the horizontal timbers are beams. Together, they create a framework that allows for flexible layouts and wall structuring.

Post and beam construction is very similar to timber frame construction, and it offers many benefits:

  • Open, flexible layouts: The timbers used in post and beam construction are incredibly strong, which means fewer supports are needed when constructing homes. In addition, fewer beams mean that you have more flexibility when planning your layout and can have a much more open home.
  • Quicker construction time: Post and beam structures are simple, which means they can be constructed more quickly than a stick-built home.
  • Durability and strength: Post and beam homes are known for their strength and durability. Post and beam structures are often the only ones left standing when natural disasters strike.
  • Natural beauty: With their exposed beams and timber accents, post and beam homes are naturally beautiful and elegant. Timberlyne typically uses Douglas fir, pine, Western Red Cedar and red and white oak for their timber.

The Timberlyne Process for Custom Homes

Timberlyne takes a different approach to post and beam by allowing customers to combine both traditional post and beam timber with steel frames. The company also states that they use CNC machinist technology to help create their homes.

Timberlyne took their mixed-material approach when creating their Mixed Modern Material home. Large, stunning exposed timbers are the focal point of the home’s interior. The exterior features both timber and steel elements for a modern design that’s eye-catching and functional. It’s just one example of how Timberlyne can combine different materials to create unique homes.

Creating a custom home is a five-step process:

  • Collaboration: Whether you just have an idea, architectural plans or a rough sketch, Timberlyne’s team will work with you to start planning your project. During this first step, you’ll get to know the team, and they will walk you through all the details of creating a custom home with Timberlyne.
  • Creating: Once a preliminary design has been created, the team at Timberlyne will start refining it and creating a visual model. Once approved, the company will create your engineered construction documents.
  • Sourcing: Your plans are being finalized and delivery is being arranged. Timberlyne will start sourcing materials for your home from vendors in their network and their own sawmill. The company sources materials from responsibly managed forests.
  • Crafting: Once your materials arrive, Timberlyne will get to work processing each piece. The company uses CNC machinery as well as artisans to complete the details.
  • Assembling: Delivery will be coordinated with your building team. The company will work with your team as needed to answer questions or provide assistance at the job site. Depending on the situation, Timberlyne may be able to provide their in-house teams to install your home.

The process is similar to any other home construction project. However, the list above doesn’t cover financing or site work, which are two steps that you will need to cover on your own.

In addition to custom homes, Timberlyne can also create custom outdoor living structures, such as pavilions, pergolas, porches, bridges and even windmills. The company says that no project is too big or small for them to take on.

Timberlyne Prefab Barn Home Kits

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In addition to custom homes, Timberlyne now offers pre-designed home packages as a turnkey option. Because homes are pre-designed, they come at a lower price point.

Turnkey cost estimate starts at $300/sq.ft.

This is the base starting cost and does not include site improvements, land, landscaping, excavation, clearing, porches, walkout basements, garages, etc.

Each post & beam home kit includes:

  • The home’s frame (8 precision-cut timbers with powder-coated steel joinery)
  • Walls (2×6 vertical framing, KD pine siding, sheathing, house wrap, 1×4 batten, 1×10 board)
  • Roof and roof insulation: R-40 SIP package for insulation, roof underlayment, 6×8 purlins, 1×8 T&G decking
  • Second floor: TJI joists and subfloor
  • Foundation and building plans
  • Company support

What’s not included?

  • Site work, like septic, well, excavation, etc.
  • Foundation
  • Utility hookups
  • Electrical, HVAC and plumbing work
  • Wall insulation, interior walls and interior finishing
  • Windows, doors and final roofing material

Some of Timberlyne’s pre-designed home packages include:


  • 20’ x 30’ home
  • 600 square feet
  • Starting at $59,500
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom


  • 20’ x 36’ home
  • 864 square feet (720 sq.ft. main floor and 144 sq.ft. loft)
  • Starting at $91,700
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom


  • 1040 square feet (720 sq.ft. main floor, 320 sq.ft. loft and 600 sq.ft. covered porch)
  • Starting at $102,000
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom


  • 24’ x 48’ home
  • 1,152 square feet
  • Starting at $101,500
  • 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms


  • 36’ x 44’ home
  • 1,920 square feet (1,296 sq.ft. main floor, 624 sq.ft. second floor and 288 sq.ft. covered porch)
  • Starting at $129,500
  • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

Camelback Combination Barn Home

  • 34’ x 80,’ 20’ x 24,’ 10’ porch, 34’ x 36’ garage
  • 2,134 sq.ft. loft, 1,155 sq.ft. garage, 1,455 sq.ft. covered porch
  • Starting at $129,500
  • 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

These are just a few of the many home packages available from Timberlyne, and they also have cabin retreats, barn and venue building packages. Cabin retreats are rustic and simple, and they come at a lower price point than the home packages.

Timberlyne takes a collaborative approach to their design and creation process, allowing you to work with a team of experts to build your dream home. Whether you’re looking for a pre-designed package or something custom, Timberlyne can help you bring your ideas to life.

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