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Lead by CEO and namesake, L.T Harvey, LTH Steel became a leading supplier of metal structure buildings in 1995.  Specializing in commercial steel structures as well as residential, LTH Steel prides itself in its successful ability to employ and work alongside builders, developers, contractors, engineers, architects, business owners, homeowners.

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LTH Steel Structures
© LTH Steel Structures

It is because of this success, LTH Steel discovered that most of their clients preferred steel building structures.  These clients preferred the steel structures because they could be installed much faster at a lower cost and could be more sustainable, eco friendly and low maintenance while maintaining durability.

With buildings and homes all over the United States as well as in Mexico and Canada, LTH Steel supplies steel buildings as small as garages to large, custom steel homes to large, structural steel buildings as well.  In addition to providing clients with the steel structures that make up their buildings and homes they have also helped install and build their own structured in many states.

Combined with the high quality and cost effectiveness of their steel structures, LTH Steel prides itself in its customer service and engineering team. 

Their licensed engineering team is meticulous with extensive knowledge in designing each facility.  Although their customer service center located in Cumming, GA, LTH Steel has fabrication affiliates as well as factories located throughout the US to provide the lowest shipping costs available to their clients.

From navigating the website, you can find different floor plans and layouts for residential and steel structures.  When selecting a structural plan option, LTH Steel provides the basic information like square footage, living and total, as well as possible floor plan samples.  A small description of the structure will give you an idea of how the space flows.  They also list a starting price for that particular structure and provide a list of what that price includes.

LTH Steel also prides itself in “green building,” providing structures that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Over 50% of materials used by LTH Steel are recycled steel.  This helps reduce solid waste in landfills and helps conserve natural resources like the numerous trees used to build wood framed structures.  There is also the bonus of the occupant’s safety and health.  With steel structures, you eliminate the toxins used for termite/mold prevention.  This also saves the occupant money never having to worry about damage from termite, mold or other factors that cause wood determination.  Going green with steel structures also results in lower monthly utility bills.  An estimates $100+ per month is saved in homeowners with steel framing versus wood framing.

There are many things to keep in mind and questions to ask when looking into LTH Steel for designing and providing your steel structure.

  • Do they install and build the structure as well?  While they do provide design and materials for the structure, they do not provide labor due to some many different job locations.  However, they can and will provide the nearest source of labor to get your structure built.  Once a schedule of design, engineering and fabrication delivery is complete, LTH Steel can help locate and guide the labor force by providing training and an onsite supervisor.
  • Do they give free estimates and quotes?   Yes and more!  LTH Steel does not charge for custom quotes.  You can use one of their plans or your own.  Using your own plan only requires a set of plans or sketches with dimensions to be sent.  If you are in between and not necessarily committed to a particular plan or unsure, they can provide an architect that can create a unique design for your specific wants/needs/ideas.
  • What about shipping- do they provide it or does the customer arrange shipping?  That is a lot of heavy materials!  Shipping is included in all quotes that are being delivered in the USA.  If shipping outside the USA, a price quote for a shipping container quote.
  • What is the warranty for LTH Steel structures and components? All building materials vary via manufacturer warranties.  They range from 1 to 35 years and can be provided per request.  All used or re purposed material/items do not have warranties.
  • How does someone secure a design/structure?  Once you decide on a plan/structure, whether it is commercial or residential, a 30% down payment will secure it.  After engineering design is complete, another 30% is required.  The last 40% is due when the structure is ready to load and be delivered.
  • What is included with overall price?  Each structure is designed differently and some include upgrades for individual’s specific wants/needs.  When looking at online plans provided on LTH Steel’s website, a starting price will be designated for that specific plan and a list of materials for that structure is provided as well.
  • Why steel frame over wood?  Is it better?  Of course!  With LTH Steel structures, it is definitely the better option over wood framing.  A few important things to consider when choosing steel over wood.  Steel is non flammable/non-combustible, provides better air quality from less chemicals found in wood structures and more durable and capable of withstanding natural age progression and environmental factors while remaining environmentally friendly.  Plus, steel structures have lower monthly utility costs!

LTH Steel Building Kits

The ELLIJAY.  A farmhouse look on the exterior, this home offers a more modern interior with an oversized Living/Great with an upstairs loft overlooking.  It also has covered porches on all 4 sides of the house.

Offering 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, this home is an estimated 3600 square feet of living area and structure kids start at approximately $91,000.

-The MAYSVILLE.  A more contemporary look offering approximately 2290 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, office and private breakfast nook.

This structure kit starts at a modest price of $51,600.

The CARROLTON.  An English style tutor home offering plenty of space for a larger family. At 3980 square feet of living space on two levels plus approximately 1330 square feet of garage and above garage recreational space.

This home kit plan offers 5 bedrooms (with an option for 6) and 4 baths and starts at around $110,000.

Compare Prices & Save Up To 33%