Heritage Building Systems

Heritage Building Systems

Heritage Building Systems has dedicated the last 41 years to designing exceptional steel construction. The team at Heritage Buildings has over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. When it comes to estimates and pricing commercial steel building kits, the company is unmatched.

Herritage Buildings
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Among the top metal building manufacturers in the country, Heritage focuses on a few main aspects of each building:

  • Strength
  • Quality

Even when it comes to finishing the exterior, the company pays attention to detail and has even created their own paint system. The paint system provides superior application and allows the company to offer a guarantee that the paint won’t:

  • Crack
  • Chalk
  • Fade
  • Peel

Customization Options for All Heritage Buildings

Heritage provides top-tier customization options, with buildings that can be any height, width or length. When it comes time to transport the building, the company has their own delivery network called Hub and Spoke Distribution Network. Since the distribution network is part of the company’s operations, shipping is much faster than the competition.

Customization is a major selling point for Heritage. The manufacturer wants you to be 100% satisfied with your building, and customization is key. The company’s design process offers opportunities for customization, including:

  • Building dimensions
  • Wall insulation
  • Roofing type
  • Downspouts
  • Gutters
  • Accessory options

Customers can choose any color for their interior and exterior, and the company will work with you to achieve cohesion among your buildings. You’ll also be working with a highly trained consultant that will walk you through the design process.

Heritage has delivered over 40,000 metal building kits to customers, including:

  • Arenas
  • Churches
  • Garages
  • Barns
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings

With custom design options, Heritage can design a building to fit virtually any need.

Industrial Steel Buildings by Heritage

Industrial Steel Buildings by Heritage

Heritage has a major focus on industrial steel buildings, with the ability to manufacture buildings up to 600 feet wide. When it comes to precision, the buildings can have dimensions that are scaled up or down in increments of 1/16”.

Buildings can be built big or small to match your specific needs.

Manufacturer Facilities & Warehouses

Manufacturer and warehouse buildings need to be durable. Heritage’s project consultants will analyze all aspects of the design process to anticipate issues may arise. Crane usage and severity classifications will also be considered.

Consultants understand the usage and requirements of warehouses. They’ll work to anticipate your needs for:

Custom Warehouse Building © Heritage

Steel offers warehouses the opportunity to withstand the elements and allows for even the most robust equipment to be used without worrying about the building’s integrity.

Since the company can scale buildings to any size, it’s easy to provide interior spaces for offices, bathrooms and any other space required for employees and management. A few of the industrial options offered for manufacturer and warehouse buildings are:

  • Large overhead doors to allow for easy transport and storage of large equipment into the space.
  • Open layout options or partition options to meet the needs and requirements of the space.
  • Multiple insulation options.
  • Climate controlled spaces or buildings to preserve products.

Retail Buildings

heritage metal buildings
Custom Auto Repair Shop © Heritage Building Systems

Business owners that need a large retail space built quickly can rely on prefabricated steel buildings. Steel buildings offer a low-maintenance option for business owners that want to spend less time worrying about their building and more time selling goods.

Exterior is important in retail because the exterior needs to appeal to customers and match your branding.

Metal panels are offered in numerous color options to better match your company’s color scheme and branding. In retail, every building is different. Heritage knows that in a clothing store, the mannequin displays take up a lot of space.

Through customization, it’s possible to expand framed openings for this specific purpose.

Framing can be very important. Some retail spaces will not need wall options and will only require roofing options. All these options are available, and it’s possible to add:

  • Walk doors
  • Roll-up doors
  • Partitions

Strip mall buildings can also be provided to add numerous stores in one location. Exterior options can further make the building inviting to customers, with:

  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Stucco

Project consultants will sit down with you to discuss your space’s desired function and aesthetic appearance. The consultant will work with to make sure that the interior and exterior space match the appeal of your brand.

A few of the retail spaces that customers have relied on Heritage Steel Buildings to make are:

  • Auto repair centers
  • Convenience stores
  • Strip malls
  • Storage spaces

Steel’s resistance to fire, mold and termites is a bonus.

Commercial Office Buildings

Commercial Steel Warehouse by Heritage
Community Center & Office © Heritage

Metal office buildings are perfect for real estate developers, call centers and other functions. These spaces can be designed to provide the space that employees need to do their job while also offering space for:

  • Conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Storage

Steel is also highly efficient, so the space will be more energy efficient when compared to a space built by traditional means. With less maintenance and lower energy costs, operational costs are lower.

Customization for commercial office buildings includes numerous options:

  • Partitions to properly divide the space
  • Insulation to provide better heating and cooling
  • Walk doors and various other door options
  • Trim to make the space more appealing
  • Metal roofing panels to allow for a more reliable roof
  • Color options to have the building match surrounding buildings

Heritage has their own color visualizer and color options that allow you to quickly and easily see the colors that you’re choosing. The company’s consultants are the key to your building success. Highly trained and knowledgeable, the consultants will provide insight into a space and how different functions may make your life easier.

The company designs and manufactures the assembly kits up to the specifications and feature requirements of the customer. Transportation of the kits is offered, but Heritage does not erect the buildings. You will be provided with all the materials required to erect the building along with technical support.

Buying direct from the source also allows for the best warranty and pricing options on Heritage Building Systems. A contractor will be required to erect the building.

For more information visit Heritage online at https://www.heritagebuildings.com/.