Cleary Building Corp Designs

Founded in 1978, Cleary Building Corp offers quality buildings at affordable prices. With buildings found all throughout the United States, the company has developed a positive reputation throughout its more than 40-year history.

As a leading custom pole barn home builder, the company has the experience and quality you expect when building your home.

What Sets Cleary Buildings Apart from the Competition?

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Cleary Buildings has a reputation for quality, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Here’s what sets Cleary’s post frame buildings apart from the competition.

Stronger Columns

Cleary’s columns are made from 2″x6″ #1 Southern Pine, which are laminated treated and non-spliced. The columns are 2.4 times stronger than the competition, which means your home can withstand the test of time.

Cleary’s columns have a design bending stress of 1897 PSI, are resistant to decay and can withstand wind speeds of up to 127 mph.

High Quality Lumber

Cleary’s buildings are framed with the highest quality lumber available, and are treated to enhance the strength of the wood and prevent decay.

Superior Trusses

Cleary employees engineer all of their buildings’ trusses with #1 Southern Pine lumber or better. Lapped purlins help create a stronger structure, and all trusses are made to order.

Two-bolt connections allow for superior truss to column connections.

Best Layered Steel in the Industry

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Cleary offers the best layered steel in the industry. Fabral Grand Rib 3 PLUS has ten layers of protection.

  • 2 layers of galvanization
  • 2 layers of zinc pre-treatment
  • 2 layers of stealer coat
  • 2 layers of thick primer coat
  • Backer coat
  • Top coat

Fabral’s bare structural steel is 29-gauge and features 100,000 PSI nominal tensile strength. The unique construction of the steel makes it up to 60% stronger than competitors.

Green Building

Cleary uses green building practices whenever possible, including using recycled, local and renewable materials.

How the Building Process Works

Cleary’s goal is to make the building process as quick and painless as possible. You’ll work with their staff every step of the way to make sure your building is designed, manufactured and constructed just as you want it.

Design and Planning

The process starts at home, where you can use the company’s design system to start creating your home. The design system will help you determine what size building you’ll need for your home.

You’ll also work with one of Cleary’s experts to determine the exact size and shape you’ll need for your building. Once you determine the size and shape you need, you can start customizing your building. Just about everything can be customized, including:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Porches
  • Eaves and eave lighting
  • Roofs
  • Colors, and more

Site Check

Next, a sales specialist will go through a site selection and preparation exercise on your property to ensure your new building will fit properly.

Once everything is checked and double-checked, your order will be sent to the company’s headquarters. The company’s staff will use the most advanced CAD software to create the final design of your building.

Manufacturing and Delivery

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Next, your building will be manufactured in one of the company’s facilities. The company manufactures its own lumber and sources its steel from Fabral.

Once all of the components are manufactured, the materials will be loaded onto the truck and delivered to your property.


Once your site is fully prepared, Cleary will start the construction process.

Cleary values safety and efficiency, so your project gets done quickly and safely.

The company’s team takes care of the entire construction process from start to finish – including custom components.

Other metal building manufacturers don’t offer construction services, which means you’ll spend more time and money looking for a professional to install your new building. With Cleary, you get everything under one roof.

Advantages of Cleary’s Residential Buildings

  • Superior strength compared to stick-built homes
  • Flexible design options
  • Professional, quality on-site construction
  • Easy to expand in the future
  • Easily customizable
  • Energy efficient construction

How Much Do Cleary Metal Buildings Cost?

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That depends on the size and type of building you want.

If you read through Cleary buildings reviews, you’ll see that affordability and quality are the two things most people talk about. But the company doesn’t divulge the cost of the materials or the construction. That can make it difficult to get an estimate of the cost of your home without actually contacting the company.

Because buildings can be customized and come in a wide range of sizes, it’s impossible to estimate the cost of your building. They construct the building, too, which adds even more variables into the cost equation.

Ultimately, Cleary buildings are more affordable, stronger and durable than competing metal buildings and stick-built homes.

If you’re looking for a customized home that won’t cost you a fortune, Cleary buildings are a great option. Resistant to decay, rot and high winds, your home will withstand the test of time.


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