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Thinking of buying a steel home or metal building kit? AmeriBuilt offers some of the industry’s most innovative products, and the company has been around since 2011. The company is a licensed distributor for Outback Steel Buildings, too.

The company also manufactures and designs custom steel homes for clients.

What Makes AmeriBuilt Steel Structures Earn Your Business

AmeriBuilt Steel Structures Review
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There are a lot of steel home companies, and AmeriBuilt works to earn your business every step of the way. First, the company will work to design and quote your project so that you know just how much it will cost to have your home completed.

And you can choose to build your home on your own, or hire a contractor.

What’s really special about this builder is that they’ll recommend local contractors to you. This is a major time-saver, and you’ll know that the contractor recommended is one that is trusted by the very company that designed your steel home kit – no more bad contractors for you.

But the benefits of AmeriBuilt don’t stop there. The company ensures that no welding is required when constructing their kits. All of the necessary holes are pre-drilled for you or the contractor you choose.

What makes AmeriBuilt stand out from the competition is that they use what’s called the Outback Calc, which has been designed from the ground up by AmeriBuilt.

What is Outback Calc?

When trying to get a quote for a custom steel home, you’ll often spend weeks trying to discuss all of your options with a designer. A lot of money and time is spent in the process, which leads to wasted time and money in the long run.

Time-sensitive projects can’t waste time trying to get a quote – it’s not feasible.

Outback Calc works differently because it allows the company to plug in a custom design and get an accurate quote in minutes. This is a program that makes quotes accurate and fast so that they never hold you back when looking for a steel home.

Time to Start Building

Wondering how long it takes for everything to come together? The answer is about 4 – 5 weeks under normal circumstances. You’ll need to account for time to actually erect the structure, which varies from one kit to the next.

The time it takes to get the ball rolling is something like this:

  • 10 – 12 days to get the engineering package
  • 2 – 3 weeks for permits
  • 2 – 3 weeks for the building to be delivered

The biggest hindrance in the entire project is waiting for permits. In small towns, this can take far longer than the 3 weeks quoted.

Options Galore

What you may not know about AmeriBuilt is that the company provides a bill of materials, a detailed manual assembly plan and a stamped engineering plan.

Everything is included that will allow you to erect your own structure if you please.

But there’s more. When you choose to work with this company, you’ll have the option to choose:

  • Roofing color
  • Trim
  • Siding
  • Window sizes
  • Door sizes
  • Roof overhangs
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Insulation type
  • Solar barriers
  • Roof cupolas

You have complete control over your metal building when working with AmeriBuilt. There is never the need to worry that you won’t be able to customize your home to the precise specifications you desire.

If the building can stand, the company can make it.

How to Begin Working With AmeriBuilt

american barn
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If you’re looking for metal building kits, you’ll likely not find them on the company’s website – we never did.

This is because every building is customized to your specific needs. Upon calling the company, you’ll be in touch with a representative from the team that will work with you to create a floor plan for your structure.

Once all of this is finished, you’ll be able to go through a bunch of exterior features so that you can make your metal home as cozy as any home you’ve seen.

Most people don’t even notice that a home is built with metal these days.

Interior and exterior features will be able to be chosen, too, so you have quite a bit to think about before making your final purchase. But with a free quote, you can get the ball rolling and start working with the company.

The company has expertise in the following building types:

  • Agricultural
  • Barns Churches
  • Community Centers
  • Commercial
  • Garages
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Sheds
  • Steel Homes
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops

Every structure is different, and this is a good thing. Since all structures are customized, you’ll be able to choose the exact sizes of the rooms or spaces.

AmeriBuilt Steel Homes also has a very good reputation with no complaints listed on the BBB. Houzz has also featured the company, with users giving the company a five-star rating for their service.

It’s a company that is well known in the industry.

American barns, gable end and gambrel building structures are available from the company. And you can also call them toll-free, request information online or visit them at their Florida office.

All buildings are designed to be able to withstand hurricanes and winds up to 160 mph. Plans for your slab foundation are included. Interior space can be divided per the request of the client, so you truly design the home of your dreams.

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